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Found 4 results

  1. Applies to: BTSync v.2.3.3 (296) Windows 7, 8/8.1, Windows 10 -- Home and Professional. BTSync prompts to install as a service -- but doesn't follow Windows service account conventions as other programs do, (IIS, MySQL, SQL Server, etc). Issues: Software Defect: Some installations, (like BitTorrent Sync), will not install the Windows Service -- unless a regular user account is specified. Expected Behavior: Should automatically provide the correct NT Service account identity, or at least allow the user too. Security Issue: The user is forced to create anoth
  2. Downloaded the program, chose to share a folder using email, and got the following dialogs. As is apparant there is absolutely no real text showing except the dummy text for the templates. Not too professional :-/ If this works for other users, my guess is that it is related to localization. Perhaps there were no strings found for the "no" (Norwegian) locale, and instead of resorting to English, it spit out dummy text
  3. I don't know if anyone has been stuck on just one file yet, but I have a windows x64 box trying to move files to a linux x64. Everyone goes smoothly until one last file (which I don't know how to identify) refuses to transfer over to the linux box. Any help would be appreciated. Logs show no record of initiation of a transfer as far as I can tell.
  4. Hi, After updating on all my Macs to 1.0.130 I have noticed a couple of new issues, compared to 1.0.116: 1. Constant and high CPU utilization on all my macs. Even if sync paused it uses around 20-40% of CPU on every mac I have around here (from core2duo to i7) 2. Sync to read-only clients is very slow in some cases. Not sure if this is due slow transfer or slow detection of updated files, but some clients reported 8-12 hours delay from the moment I populate a new file. With 1.0.116 it was almost instant. Could be due a mix of version, maybe those clients run on 1.0.116, no sure.