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Found 3 results

  1. Image files and video files will be displayed as thumbnails when downloaded. If you replace the file with another file with the same name, the previous thumbnail will be displayed. I tried deleting the cache, but it didn't work. Please tell me how to display the correct thumbnail or disable the thumbnails.
  2. Hi all, When using Sync for android I don't know how to clean the cache for downloaded files. Let me explain: Imagine I download a video file for later watching (useful when you don't have internet connection), but after watching this video I don't want it to occupy my precious and limited android storage . The problem then is deleting the downloaded file means Sync to remove it from remote computer . The only workaround I found is to save sync app configuration, clear all the application data (from android app settings and the downloaded files with a file manager) then restore the configuration backup, but this is kind of uncomfortable for daily use. Does anyone know any better way to swipe the downloaded files cache without deleting any remote files? Thanks to everybody
  3. I would be interested in a feature that would allow me to set a download location maybe specifically or some "Default" folder in the OS to download files to.... then as the downloading files complete, it moves them to the folder structure in the place they should be. ISSUE #1 There are a couple issues being addressed here.... One is that "IF I see the file, its complete." I have had a couple instances where it was done syncing, and just hasnt reindexed yet, and had not completed each file download. Meaning I dont take my laptop to the office thinking its done syncing only to find out there is a file there, its just a MYFILENAME.!ut file and not yet complete functional file. I want to be able to, "IF I see the file there, its complete" ISSUE #2 The second issue is INDEXING. I have indexed huge file structures in the past, in the process one PC indexed files that were already *.!ut files as files that were not supposed to be indexed. These files were still in the process of being downloaded and were incomplete. I am unsure why, There are several fixes for this. For example, You can use only one index file located on one PC for all sharing PCs to copy from. This can help solve the problem, You can possibly just make a default exclusion for all software created files. For example, Make a rule to never index *.!ut and any other software fabricated file ending. I would not mind personally having a cache file that files just download into, so that the *.!ut files are not located inside the actual Indexable file structure. Keeping the created files separate from the Indexable files will guarantee that none of my files will be damaged in the future. due to incorrect indexing. ISSUE 3# Fragmentation - Just want the files to be one contiginous file on disk. That is all. (maybe just reserve space on disk ahead of time?) So to solve all issues with one stone, I think a cache folder would do the trick best! This will let me know for sure that if I see it there, its complete. and also, this will keep non-bittorrent related files out of my file structure preventing fatal data errors and losses, and finally, the move of one complete file into its folder can if done right handle the fragmentation issue as well. Mike!