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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! I've setup a sync between one of my android phones and my NAS which seems to work fairly well. The major issue I'm confronted with is that I've set my phone to store new pictures on an SD card and it seems that Resilio Sync is referenced to the DCIM folder on the phone storage rather than the SD card. Long story short the wrong folder is being synced. Am I missing something? The phone I'm using is an Honor 8 on Android 6.0.
  2. I just downloaded the latest Resilio Sync 2.4.3 app for iOS and configured photo backup again. With the previous Bittorrent Sync 2.3.x iOS app, when "Camera Backup" was enabled, it dumped all files into a single folder on the linked server. Now with the Resilio Sync app, instead of all IMG_*.* getting dumped into the same single directory, it's recreating the 100APPLE, 101APPLE, etc. DCIM folder structure ( that you typically find on a CF card when you plug it into a computer, which is a pain to deal with. I much preferred the old method where all files and movies were dumped into the single directory. Does anyone understand the change in behavior (and how to revert it)?
  3. I configured camera backup on my Windows Phone App. First time sync to my PC is done perfectly. However: if I remove a picture from my phone, it remains on PC. Is there a way to have a real "sync": just keeping both libraries in sync with the same information?
  4. Camera Backup only takes "Camera Roll" into account. What about other pictures: (screenshots, saved pictures, ...). Is there a way to sync the whole "picture" library
  5. Hello, It would be nice to have the possibility to select a period for syncing my camera backup. I.e. "only sync pictures from january 2016" or "sync 2015", ... Reason: I sync my pictures to my PC and there I copy the pictures to my own folders, rename pics, etc... I would like to move the pictures and have BitSync only sync pictures from within a period. kind regards, B
  6. When I setup sync on my old phone, I was able to add the camera's picture directory on my own and set it up to be shared read/write and sync it to my home PC where I could easily sort and move pictures and at the same time remove them from my phone. With the updated app, I can no longer add the folder or share the camera directory as read/write. I'm not sure when this happened, I just know it occurred sometime after the big update to 1.4. I would really like this functionality back. Thanks.
  7. Some problems about renaming folders and device: 1) I change my iPhone device name (es: iPhone 4S), but the iPhone Camera backup always save folder and link as "iPhone (2) Camera backup". So I disconnect the folder, and change the path on reconnect to a new created "iPhone 4S Camera backup" to have a link to a correct "iPhone 4S Camera Backup". Then I shared it with a link on other device and they connect to "iPhone 4S Camera backup" as wanted. But I do not need to have the backup everywhere so I disconnect on device as my needs. All the link I disconnect show again "iPhone (2) Camera backup". 2) After some activities on the Camera Backup the iPhone device name return (without any explicit command) to iPhone (2) name. In the device list connected to my identity I have another iPhone named "iPhone of AAA" that save Camera backup as "iPhone Camera backup". Where I'm Wrong ? Maybe I can't have 2 iPhone connected with different name (and so their Camera backup )? PS: I have an iPad too. Its Camera backup reflect the device name: "iPad of BBB" --> "iPad of BBB Camera backup" folder.
  8. Hi, I've just updated the BTSync app on my iOS iPhone (latest iOS). The first problem I had was that the app kept disappearing after a few seconds whenever I started it up. I rebooted a few times but it made no difference. Finally I managed to sort this by clicking quickly on one of the app buttons before it disappeared, and after allowing it to use the camera, then cancelling the operation I managed to get back to the Folders view and it has been stable since. Just mentioning this in case this is a bug to be checked out... The main 'problem' I have now is that two of the three 'Backing up to:' devices on the iPhone are always listed as in the Connecting... mode. The other is fine and has synced. Looking at BTSync on each device shows they have successfully synced with the iPhone, but they each have a different list files to upload to each other. Can I fix this? Or is it normal? Mikman.
  9. Hello, First of all, thanks for the great product. I have been using it for a couple of days and seems to do most of what I would expect from it. That said, I would like to know whether there is any way to browse the images/videos in the camera roll backup on iOS (after backing up and deleting everything on the device). At the moment, if you click on the folder, it just gives you some info about it, but does not let you see what's actually in that folder. Is there any way to do this? I was thinking of symlinking the backup folder and create another normal shared folder, but it does not work.. I think it would be OK to have just placeholders, and download them on demand. Cheers!
  10. Hello all, I can't find any option to select the SD card as the source for the camera backup, is it possible at all? It works perfectly with the internal memory of the phone, but I save the photos on the SD card, and these photos are not being backed up. Any idea? Thank you a lot!
  11. It was all going well until some day the ios camera backup stopped working from an iPhone 4 to a windows pc and I've tried uninstalling and installing stuff but now if finds conflicts and keeps syncing the same exact files with "conflicts" in the end... I could not fix the problem and yes I've checked the fine name capitalization thing; the file names and the files are the exact same since they have been synced before by the bittorrent sync itself! and I didn't find preferable to relocate all the photos from the phone and add them back solution to preferable since it's a phone. Attaching the log file, or can't. How to deal with "my media" thing with this forum? Where can i upload it? Anyways giving link of it from my dropbox:
  12. The iOS BTSync app crashes when I try to enable Camera Backup using the toggle switch. This happens on my iPad and iPhone which are running the iOS 8 GM seed and has been happening since the initial beta release.
  13. I just started using Sync works great except for the Camera Backup option. I turn it on and then it tells me how many files I have. It tells me to connect to a device which confuses me because isn't it connected to my iphone already? Also shouldn't I see a Camera Backup folder on my Sync Windows desktop. How do the photos sync to my PC? If anyone can help I would appreciate it.