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Found 11 results

  1. I have my Camera Backup enabled; it successfully identifies two MBP's; one connects and syncs flawlessly; the other hangs 'Connecting...' and is, oddly, on the same wifi as the iPhone. Why won't it connect? iOS 10.3.3 macOS Sierra
  2. In my family we have four phones that we want backed up to four individual computers, in two locations. So far sync has been great for creating a family backup/share system that remains constant between our two houses, but I'm unsure of how to proceed with the photo backups. What I'd like is for all the phones to drop their files into shared folder on a computer and then have those photos shared to the other computers. ie, the phone uploads each file once and once only. after that the syncing should be done between the other computers and any edits/deletes should sync across. I'm afraid that if I give the phone backup key to each of the four computers, the phone will have to upload each photo four times and then each computers backup folder will independent of the others and modifications/deletes will not be shared across. How? Thanks.
  3. Hi.. I use Sync on my Android Samsung Galaxy S4, my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & a Galaxy Tab S to backup photos, and also to sync a file of music between devices, and selective sync some photos and documents (I have a pro license) - I also use Sync on a 2 desktop computers and three laptops (all Windows 10). All devices are kept up to date. A few days ago the Android devices stopped backing up, and although sync is still running all the folders are listed as disconnected and the camera backup isn't present. If I restart the camera backup it creates a new file and starts from scratch (which is a large upload!!), and if I try and link any of the folders again - same issue - it creates a new folder even though the original is still present on the SD card. Any thoughts would be appreciated as to what has happened and how I can prevent it.. otherwise I am going to be spending a lot of time re-syncing and have DCIM (9999) in no time!!
  4. i have enabled camera backup on my iphone. Ive added folder on my mac that is going to be in-sync with the phone. On initial backup, it works. When I remove an image from my iphone - this is NOT reflected in my backup When I delete an image in my backup that is still on the phone - the image is NOT downloaded again. (i do get notification from app about readonly folder) The backup does not start automatically on iPhone - I have to open Sync app to start the sync. My major issue here is 2 and 3. I would like that my backup is a real reflection on what i have on the iPhone. For 4. - this would be nice if it can work automatically.
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me because this issue is driving me nuts. On Version 1.4 it worked OK, but seems to have changed in 2.0 I have a Netgear NAS to which I want to back up my iPhone camera roll. This backs up OK and I'm fine with this. I also have a folder that I want to share with my PC, my Macbook and my iPad (called BTShare) When I try to share just the BTShare folder to my other units, I also get the iPhone camera backup which I do not want. Basically, I just want the iphone to back up to the NAS with no other unit having access, but every unit to have access to the BTShare folder. Am I missing something obvious here? I've been trying for the last couple of hours, but cannot get it to work. I basically have this folder structure on the NAS /btsync/BTShare (shared folder for all units) /btsync/iPhone camera backups (only for backup from iPhone. No access from other units) Please help, because I love BTSync.
  6. Ive been trying to make the camera sync to work but the email link that I sent to myself is not doing anything. Weird.... yes. Im using Google Chrome browser in a Windows 7 machine. My phone is an iphone. After clicking the link I emailed to myself Chrome pops up with two buttons to choose. Install the 1.4 or Already have 1.4. I did the already have 1.4 because I did and nothing happened. I even check the Bittorrent interface to see whats happening and nothing. Then i tried it again this time I clicked the install 1.4. Installed it and go back to the previous window and still noting is happening. Am I missing something here? Need help pls... thanks!
  7. When the app listens for the android.hardware.action.NEW_PICTURE and android.hardware.action.NEW_VIDEO message, it can start the upload immediatly after the image is taken. This is how Google+ and Dropbox allow syncing of new images immediatly. Currently, we have to wait untill the app wakes up and does the syncing.
  8. Is it now impossible to backup the camera on my iPhone to a computer running the 1.3 client? It only allows you to send a GetSync URL, not the actual secret. I derived the secret by installing 1.4 on another machine and beginning Sync, but when I attempted to add that secret to the 1.3 client on the other machine, I got 'You don't have permissions to share part of a read-only-folder'. Very strange. I tried it again but pointed it to a different folder on a different drive and it worked. Any idea what that error msg was about?
  9. Hi. I've installed Sync on my Nexus 10 and when I tried to read QR code it says "Sorry, the camera is not available" What's wrong with it?
  10. My request is that BitTorrent Sync for iOS can be customised to only backup the photographs taken with the stock camera app. At the moment it is possible to, for example, save images from Mobile Safari into the Camera Roll (long tap, Save), and these are inevitably also synchronised. It would be my preference that these files are overlooked. It could be possible to read the EXIF to determine if the photograph was taken with the Camera or not. Problems with my suggestion: People may use non-standard photo apps (Hipstamatic, Instagram, etc) which also add non-standard EXIF data to the images they add to the Camera Roll and they may want these synchronised. As an aside, and looking to solve my problem from the reverse angle, does anyone know of any Windows software which will automatically delete files if they do not meet certain EXIF criteria?
  11. Hi, Changes on EXIF dates (done with help of Picasa) is not recognized by Bit Torrent Sync. Any Idea how this could be achieved to have the Picture in sync between 2 PC's when just chaning the EXIF date? Renaming of files does not help, because on the remote PC the local files will be renamed, so the EXIF date of the pictures wil still be incorrect. thanks.