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Found 3 results

  1. Update: midway through this post I tried running BT Sync as root, group btsync, and it works. I don't like it, but it works. There is some awful permission-hell happening but I hope this helps someone. Hi, I've spent four days trying to resolve this, and I really am stumped. I can't get BTSync to write to a CIFS mount which is in my home directory, and which is used by various other programs and scripts perfectly fine. What's odd is that when creating a new folder in BT Sync's Web Gui, this is created in the CIFS share correctly, but no files can be synced and it displays the error "Don't have permissions to write to selected folder". I've tried changing the mount parameters to include 0777 file_mode and dir_mode (as listed here). After chmodding 777 to the folder I've also tried, successfully, in SSH: sudo -u btsync touch boo.cBut, still, the error above persists.
  2. Due to the fact that btsync is not yet available pre-packaged for CentOS7, I'm loathe to install it as-is on a particular installation. The server I wish to install it on is a file server that also happens to have KVM virtual guests - thus a workaround is to install it on an Ubuntu Guest which then accesses the file server over CIFS. The main problem in my mind is that I don't think CIFS supports inotify properly - but that shouldn't be an issue because nothing other than btsync will be accessing the storage directly. Are there any other pitfalls to doing it this way or other alternatives? Also, anybody had experience doing this the same or similar way? Worst-case I'll just install btsync directly on the CentOS7 server anyway. It just feels messy to be installing things without using the package manager.
  3. I have an Illumos NAS at home (OmniOS) as a VM. Another VM is an Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS x64 VM. On OmniOS I have a userdir (ZFS DataSet) that has 3 folders (Documents, Pictures, Videos). Each of these folders is NFS shared to my Ubuntu VM as my user (same UID=1000). That same OmniOS zfs dataset/userdir is shared via CIFS. So as an example: OmniOS Ubuntu CIFS from OmniOS /tank/joltman/Documents /home/joltman/Documents \\\joltman\Documents I have btsync (1.3.92) on the Ubuntu headless server VM. It shares out the /home/joltman/Documents to other btsync devices (my Windows 8.1 x64 Pro laptop). I can successfully, add/change/remove a file on my laptop and the file will get pushed to the Ubuntu server and it's changed successfully. Awesome! However, if from another Windows machine, I push a file to \\\joltman\Documents\, my laptop will not update the file (even after 10 minutes). If I restart the btsync daemon, the file gets updated. If I login to the btsync webpage on Ubuntu, the file gets updated. It doesn't seem to happen automatically. I don't think this is a huge issue, but it's something I noticed. It's most likely an issue because I'm pushing a file to the CIFS link (which runs through OmniOS) and not to a SMB share from the Ubuntu VM. I'm just curious if others have had this issue and if there's anything I can do to solve it? Thanks!