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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Are you going to provide a command-line interface for BTSync 2.0? Or an API compatible with 2.0 folders? Or at least a way to deal with 2.0 folders with config file? I love BitTorrent Sync. But I used to deploy peers using Docker containers, it was super easy. Now I can't sync the new folders (2.0) without going through the web GUI... In some use cases, it's not even an option. Right now it seems like I have to keep working with 1.4 folders...
  2. Hey Guys - A few months ago I went from a fairly complex FTP Server / Client configuration using scripts to synchronize things to BTSync and haven't looked back since. I currently use BTSync Pro on about 5 different platforms, but this question is about the Windows version. There is just one thing I have a question about, though. My Question Do any command line options exist for BTsync 2.2.x (Windows) which are geared towards application / sync control? I connect to my home server often which throughout the day synchronizes with a remote server. I'd love to be able to easily script something (via API or CLI) which would do one of the following: - Pause / Resume Synchronization overall or for specific folders - Set the maximum download / upload speed of the client - Be able to scan folders for files / folders with keywords and move those to top of sync queue When searching, I only found this article which shows command line options, but they are for the installer which doesn't help at all. If this capability is available now - via any method - please let me know. Otherwise, it would be an extremely powerful addition. If some exist for Linux, I'd like to know about them, too; but really need on Windows. Thanks!
  3. Hi, is it possible to get a folder key from a Linux installation without accessing the webui? Thanks, Jamie
  4. hello, I'm using btsync to manage a pool of distributed computing node and for deployment on artifacts. I know I can triggered `btsync-core` to start the syncing session, but is there a way to know whether my folder has been 100% downloaded/sync'd? I was looking for something like this:
  5. Hello, what should I install to run BitTorrent Sync on Headless (command line only, no GUI) Debian (Wheezy)? I am a little bit confused from the download selections in the download page. I have personal home PC running debian and want to have there Sync. It must work on command line only. Is there some documentation how to control Sync from command line? Thanks. urza
  6. Hi! I want to do my own webUI for BTSync which proposes for everyone to put their folders in ro on my server to increase sync speed for future syncs. Is BTSync dynamically reads the config file? Is there a way to check if a secret is a one-time read-only secret? I want to do it on a debian server, using nodejs. Thanks.