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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, Is there any possibility to use S3 as a storage for Sync Home version? I've found official documentation, how to do that for "Connect" product - Unfortunatelly, I can't find the same thing for Sync.
  2. Now that encrypted folders are part of BTsync, it would be great to have affordable options for setting up cloud peers. I'd love to see the option to connect to many of the various cloud storage services out their via their APIs. My personal favourite (due to cost) is B2. $5/month per TB is pretty hard to argue with. The challenge is getting my BTsync encrypted folder onto B2, a process that currently requires a separate VPS and some CLI magic. It would be great if there were a simple, built-in way to go about this. Besides B2, there's Dropbox, Google, S3 etc. etc. etc. - many options open up once this functionality is available. To hold off the naysayers... yes, you can spin up your own VPS or host a NAS somewhere. Those are great options. This adds to those options for something more redundant, affordable and geography-less.
  3. Hi, Iam new here.. sorry about my english. I can not find this infos about : - upload limit ? - storage limit ? - streaming vidoes to my tablet ? Need help, thank you so much ! All the best, Mario
  4. Hi, our team want to explore the possibilities of providing a public cloud service based on Sync/Encrypted Folders. (Like discussed in threads before from others). My question on this: Whats your policy on this? -If we license the API per Server (as seen from our view) we only license 2 or 3 servers (depending on load) but we will have more clients than servers. Is this compatible with your license agreement? -Whats your policy on using the brand name as reference which software we are targeting with our service (while, of course, clarify we are _not_ associated with Resilio)? Thank you!
  5. Hello Does anyone know of a cloud for btsink ? Does anyone need is the cloud?
  6. Hi, Recently I have purchased the Sync Pro version to sync my office and personal laptop + mobiles with Portable WD hard drive. For this purpose, I installed the sync on a laptop (which I am not using it for a while) and WD 2TB portable hard drive is attached to it. Before syncing everything, I sync all the data of my devices using Allway Sync to ensure that all files in my devices are present in the portable hard drive attached to the laptop. After doing this, I started to share the link from my devices to the laptop (which is specially used for Sync). Now my question is that why Sync is taking 3 to 5 days to sync my data with the devices when all the data is already there..What I see is showing "Sending-Indexing" or "Sending" with time to complete for 3 to 4 days. My total data is around 1TB. Allway Sync analyzes everything in few mins and then sync the files very fast but Sync took ages to do the same thing...why..the only issue with Allway sync that it cannot sync files over the internet unless you have a external IP.. Can someone help me..Am I doing something wrong... Apologizes for the bad grammer and English. Cheers mzosama
  7. Hi I wanted to setup an encrypted folder inside a cloud service such as OneDrive or Dropbox but it's not working as anticipated. This is what I did: - Created a new encrypted folder from within BTSync (2.3.1), located inside my local OneDrive Folder that is synched to the cloud - Added a few sample files - I expected to have unencrypted access from my desktop pc but having the folder encrypted in the cloud - Accessed my OneDrive folder in the cloud from my laptop (via Web Browser) - Files are accessible unencrypted Looks like since OneDrive has unencrypted R/W access on my PC, it transfers all files within the folder unencrypted. Any suggestions how to setup such an encrypted backup folder inside a cloud service? Thanks!
  8. Heya everyone, I've been looking at file sharing solutions for my university batch of school mates as the university's IT infrastructure isn't the best. I've been trying to push for BTSync as the preferred method rather than ye o' USB transfers between friends, but it's a work in progress. All of my seniors tend to prefer Baidu Cloud/Baidu Pan which provides 2 TB free cloud hosting. The most interesting aspect of it is that it supports BitTorrent tracker files and can apparently act as a seeder and download torrents. The main issue about cloud hosting, I find, is upload speeds for files over several GBs. Hence, I was wondering if there is a possible solution at the moment, or potentially in the future, where a Baidu Pan can act like a device synced to a BTSync folder? Cheers,
  9. Is there a way to sync to an external cloud service (ie Google Drive or Dropbox) directly, rather than syncing to a folder on the computer that also syncs with Google Drive?
  10. I'm new, evaluating BT. I read that there is no cloud. But I read at this page: that if files are deleted they aren't gone and I can retrieve them for up to 30 days. This implies to me that there is a cloud. Where are these deleted files retrieved from if not from a server at BT? Kurt
  11. Today we are proud to introduce to all the BitTorrent Sync community a new product we have just launched: Syncmade ( Syncmade allows you to add a cloud presence to BitTorrent Sync without the hassle of purchasing a server and configuring UNIX-based BitTorrent Sync on it. Such cloud presence will allow you to keep your files online 24/7 while at the same time boost transfer rates by adding a 1Gbps peer to your BitTorrent Sync network. Syncmade brings competitive advantages for general users by offering cloud geography, or the option to select where the files should get hosted among various companies and datacenters around the world (with adjusted pricing). Syncmade finally allows you to make sure your files stay within a certain jurisdiction or under the indirect management of a certain company. Syncmade is also great because it allows you to store only the encrypted secrets associated with your folders (either by generating some for you or by letting you input your own). This will turn the cloud space into a ‘zero-knowledge’ capacity where only you will be able to decrypt the files. Finally, Syncmade is beautiful and secure. It comes with latest SSL standards and perfect forward secrecacy principles in mind. It is built with state-of-the-art HTML5 techniques, making it Retina-ready and compatible with any device, desktop or mobile. You can take a look at Syncmade @ and learn more about our SaaS @ We will be happy to hear any feedback you may have about our project. We have a long roadmap that already involves increasing presence in many more datacenters/with more companies throughout the world, increasing the size of our free package, decreasing the price of our cheapest one, fully developing the web-based file manager and launching several disruptive features we already have in mind. If you are deciding to give us a try, open a support ticket and tell us that you are coming from this article, we will double the virtual space you have, either it is free or paid. Best personal regards to each and everyone, Paul HUSTIN Founder of Syncmade and the Syncmade team (Maxim, Agnès, Pauline, Taty, Wayne & Steve)
  12. So I thought I had successfully created a cloud on my EC2 instance, but it looks like I am missing one thing... I'm guessing it's a permission of some sort. I could post the link to where the interface is, but something tells me that might not be wise to do in a public setting, so I'm going to attach 2 screenshots. The web interface: And the Local interface: You can see that in the local interface I have not been able to get the "Amazon Cloud" to accept anything. What are your thoughts on why it wouldn't be taking part in the sync?
  13. I'm on OS X Mavericks and used RoyW's guide to install BitTorrent Sync on my WD My Cloud: It's just been giving me headaches and not really doing what I need it to do. I stopped having the ability to add new folders or monitor my folders in the web UI. I found a different solution, so I'm going with that and ditching BitTorrent Sync (sorry!). I've removed it from my Mac, but now I want to know how to uninstall it from my My Cloud. I assume it's the same kind of process as with installation - firing up Putty and executing some commands. Any tips on this? Thanks!
  14. Just a few question that im sure the answer is no to, im just looking for solutions to make this a complete dropbox replacement. I am a fan of the cloud as you can still access files if the originating computer is turned off or offline. From what I understand, if the files are not yet synced to the new device, the primary computer will have to be on and online. As the files dont reside on the cloud, if my computer is off will my second device be able to access the files? Do both devices need to be on to sync files What if the internet on the remote computer goes out, will the file continue to download or just hang?If the answer is no to these questions, whats the best way to tackle a cloudless environment? Will there be third party cloud options?
  15. Hello, First congratulations for the project, it's amazing ! I wonder if it's possible to create a folder to synchronize with a web server - as a cdn - to reduce its bandwidth. thx
  16. Hey, I'm interested in trying to develop some sort of rudimentary encrypted backup system for myself using BT Sync. I'd like to host a Sync node for myself in the cloud--someplace where I can have better uptime, stability, and data redundancy than on any of my few client nodes. But, being security-minded, I don't see any reason to allow this node to decrypt my data. Is there any way I can use BT Sync to create such a non-decrypting node? If not, is decryption necessary to perform properly as a node in a BT Sync network? i.e. do I have to trust all of my nodes in order to use BT Sync?
  17. This is a suggestion. Why not make apps for dropbox and / or as well that way you can share / sync to your dropbox or box as well?