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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, maybe I'm using an exotic constellation btsync is running in ubuntu vm, this vm is using files from an old xp vm (on same laptop), filesystem NTFS btsync should sync this data to other ubuntu systems and an raspberry pi Now I noticed that all files using german letters (äöü...) are not synced If I rename one of this file not using german letters file is synced immediately. I read this hint on support page: Ubuntu can use this files and filenames without any problem, why btsync agent can use this file for syncing, running on same ubuntu system? Files with german letters and hosted by an ubuntu system on EXT filesystem, can synced without any problems How can I sync files with german letters from NTFS from my old xp vm? Should I ran btsync agent on xp for this files? Will this help for german letters? If this help, how can I reuse read+write-key on xp system from my ubuntu vm? I can't use xp as another peer, because ubuntu and xp using same directory !!! I don't want to create a new key and delete old peer connections, which will have to resync again all other peers any help is welcome Frank