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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I've been using Bittorrent Sync for a while to Sync my Pictures folder on my computer to the camera folder on my tablet, and that works beautifully. Today I decided to sync a completely different folder on my desktop and my laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all whatsoever. My laptop and tablet still communicate just fine with the original share (so I guess I can assume it's not a firewall issue) but I opened port 3000 and 3838 on my firewall as I've read others doing on this forum, and still no dice. Basically what happens is that the "connected devices" field in the web console never shows a connected computer. Both computers are syncing with the same sync key I generated. The OS is Linux. It does index the files just fine. Just the two computers seem to never see each other. Here are a couple of reasons I suspect may be the cause, maybe I'm right or it's something different altogether. 1.) The folder on my laptop I'm syncing has 5GB of files in it, and the matching folder on the desktop has about 40GB in it. I was thinking Bittorrent Sync would merge them and make them the same. Maybe it doesn't do that? 2.) Perhaps my firewall is blocking my desktop and laptop from communicating. My tablet uses Wifi through the same network so I wouldn't think it would be a firewall issue but you never know. My pictures sync shows my tablet connected but my new sync shows no device connected. 3.) I used the sync key on a different laptop for a short time, but have since deleted the sync on that machine. Perhaps Bittorrent Sync is limited to just two computers?