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Found 7 results

  1. I know that Sync stored earlier file versions in its .sync/Archive folder, but most people using it does not know. People don't read documentation. So I think that when right-clicking a file in Finder (or Explorer) one should be presented with a way of choosing an earlier file version. The dialog should show these fields for each file/folder When was the file created When was it overwritten by the next version Which peer (user+device) had the change that triggered the overwrite/deletion I know that is what proper backups systems are for, but this eases debugging sync issues (which is hard enough as it is), and sending you debug logs every time does not scale :-)
  2. I think a key missing feature from Sync is stopping errors from propagating by interacting with the user and presenting her with options on what one can do. As an example, I recently filed an issue #49958 where the indexing was out of control. It turned out that due to some naming conflict (probably due to the composed/decomposed issue) *.Conflict folders were being created. By the time we found out why indexing never finished 1.4 million such conflict folders had been created for one particular weirdly named folder. When stuff like that happens Sync should notify the user that something really fishy is going on (ok, I am a programmer so I know that is way too wide description to implement, but you get the gist) and some possible solutions like: Folder X is causing conflicts because of naming issues. These are your options for fixing the problem: - Notify user X that the created file Y has a filename causing problems and ask her to rename the folder - Do X - Do Y We will stop sync for this subfolder/item until the problem has been fixed. If there had been some kind of "cross-network error diagnostics" built into the protocol maybe errors that arise on another peer than the one that created the filename can be propagated back to the origin to fix the error in the source. AFAIK only the "destination" peer gets any info through the GUI that a filename contains illegal characters, and from my experience they have no idea what to do about it (if they even understand it's a problem).
  3. I'm using Sync with about 10 people and it's transferring/managing about 150 GB between multiple machines. As of about two weeks ago, it's been generating Conflict copies left and right. Yesterday I cleaned out 127,000 Conflict copies (various and random throughout the folders and files) and today cleaned out another 38,000 generated. Looking to get a more permanent fix for this as it's filling up my coworker's hard drives and creating a lot of confusion/chaos. - Joshua
  4. We have a problem with sync producing hundreds of (usually empty) *.Conflict folders and the debug log is producing 100MB per hour of crap. A lot of it is stuff like: [20160412 10:00:01.486] JOURNAL[0123]: won't perform job for entry "Admin/Admin/DAGLIG DRIFT/ANSETTELSER/Petter Gillebo/215.05 Tidsbegrenset arbeids.textClipping/" - parent has fs error [20160412 10:00:01.486] JOURNAL[0123]: Setup entry job "FileEntryJob" for path "Admin/Admin/DAGLIG DRIFT/ANSETTELSER/Petter Gillebo/215.05 Tidsbegrenset arbeids.textClipping/", next state is "COMPLETE", queue size 0 313 0 [20160412 10:00:01.486] JOURNAL[0123]: remote entry job complete for entry "/Users/IngerFrost/BitTorrent Sync/Frost Arkitekter/Admin/Admin/DAGLIG DRIFT/ANSETTELSER/JohnDoe/215.05 Tidsbegrenset arbeids.textClipping/" [20160412 10:00:01.486] JOURNAL[0123]: { "dl_failed": false, "file_hash": "DEC4716639E4E60F2A05A151B8AFCC78D245A3A2", "file_id": "0:0", "fs_error": true, "have_pieces": 0, "ignored": false, "info_hash": "4C0B4E3E487D7F5B5DF605A3C276139C17097C87", "invalidated": false, "link_content": "", "locked": false, "mtime": -1, "name_on_disk": "", "otime": 51706, "owner": "106BCD002BBCE0DA447EBF1B2FA921A48A92B104", "path": "/Users/IngerFrost/BitTorrent Sync/Frost Arkitekter/Admin/Admin/DAGLIG DRIFT/ANSETTELSER/JohnDoe/215.05 Tidsbegrenset arbeids.textClipping/", "perm": 0, "ph_ext": ".bts", "placeholder": false, "pvi": "pvi[NULL]", "selected_for_dl": true, "size": 582, "state": 1, "time": 1460406692, "total_pieces": 1, "type": 5 } [20160412 10:00:01.486] JOURNAL[0123]: won't perform job for entry "Admin/Admin/DAGLIG DRIFT/ANSETTELSER/JaneWalther" - parent has fs error We have restarted the mac and sync several times. We have no idea how to debug this further. Pointers?
  5. It was all going well until some day the ios camera backup stopped working from an iPhone 4 to a windows pc and I've tried uninstalling and installing stuff but now if finds conflicts and keeps syncing the same exact files with "conflicts" in the end... I could not fix the problem and yes I've checked the fine name capitalization thing; the file names and the files are the exact same since they have been synced before by the bittorrent sync itself! and I didn't find preferable to relocate all the photos from the phone and add them back solution to preferable since it's a phone. Attaching the log file, or can't. How to deal with "my media" thing with this forum? Where can i upload it? Anyways giving link of it from my dropbox:
  6. Hi I need help on this one, as I don't know what could be my next attempt. Scenario: two computers, one-way synchronized with rsync for years (archive and delete option, that make that date-time is same on both side). More than 1,2To that I obviously don't want to upload again. On both side I use a secret starting with D (RW-secret). The main folder is added to btsync, and indexing works fine (same number of files as it should be). I verified using 'date' on both side (over ssh) that it answers the same time CEST. Although I used rsync with checksum control in both direction, when synchronization starts, catastrophy... All files are marked as conflict and sent in both direction. Pure mess... I have no idea what to do? Any advice is gladly welcome. Cheers, S. -- BitTorrent Sync v. 1.3.105 (latest)
  7. I've only been using BTsync for a few months and I REALLY want it to be a permanent solution for my needs, but the chaos of unwarranted conflicts is KILLING me. This is the third time in a couple of weeks where all of the sudden I get a ton of conflict folders and files, and most of them I haven't even modified. I have a Windows 7 Pro desktop machine which is my data source for btsync. I have a bunch of directory junctions set up on there for syncing only specific folders and their subfolders. Those folders have tons of git and subversion files/folders within them, but most of which don't change too often. I then run xbuntu linux on my laptop with btsync. This "theoretically" allows me to be able to write code and develop on both machines as needed and both be synced with the latest at any given moment. The problem is that as I'm writing code on my laptop, all of the sudden my editor will tell me that some files are no longer there. I then check my linux btsync head folder and find a .conflict version of it with tons of .conflict files/folders within it. And also the normal main (non-conflict) folder is bascially empty of most of the other files/folders. The weird thing is that 99% of the files/folders that were marked as "conflict" have not even been changed recently. So, how is "conflict" supposed to work? This current behavior makes btsync essentially unusable for me. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thanks, Brian