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Found 3 results

  1. There seem to be some difficult bugs where BTsync is picking the wrong file when there is (or it sees) a conflict. Personally I would like to have a mode where a change conflict causes BOTH the modified files to be created, the older one with a different name (say). BUT, I suspect this has a wider use in the realm of debugging because it will make every conflict very obvious and if some of them aren't actually real conflicts (but something manufactured by network effects) this will be much easier to detect and hopefully debug. So can I request a version then NEVER deletes a file due to a change conflict.
  2. Hello, I've been using Resilio for years between two Macs without major problems. Now, I have added an encrypted FreeNAS node and it has problems with conflicts. I would simply change the name of the conflicting files on the Macs but the thing is, I don't know which files are the ones causing conflicts: FreeNAS doesn't know the real name of this files (and rightly so), the Macs don't give any alert about the conflicts, and I'm unable to find a way to correlate the encrypted name that FreeNAS gives me with the real name of the files. What's the best way to solve this?
  3. I think a key missing feature from Sync is stopping errors from propagating by interacting with the user and presenting her with options on what one can do. As an example, I recently filed an issue #49958 where the indexing was out of control. It turned out that due to some naming conflict (probably due to the composed/decomposed issue) *.Conflict folders were being created. By the time we found out why indexing never finished 1.4 million such conflict folders had been created for one particular weirdly named folder. When stuff like that happens Sync should notify the user that something really fishy is going on (ok, I am a programmer so I know that is way too wide description to implement, but you get the gist) and some possible solutions like: Folder X is causing conflicts because of naming issues. These are your options for fixing the problem: - Notify user X that the created file Y has a filename causing problems and ask her to rename the folder - Do X - Do Y We will stop sync for this subfolder/item until the problem has been fixed. If there had been some kind of "cross-network error diagnostics" built into the protocol maybe errors that arise on another peer than the one that created the filename can be propagated back to the origin to fix the error in the source. AFAIK only the "destination" peer gets any info through the GUI that a filename contains illegal characters, and from my experience they have no idea what to do about it (if they even understand it's a problem).