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Found 4 results

  1. Good Morning - I've used Resilio sync for a while now - well before it was BTSync. I own a Pro license and mostly use the service to actively sync folders between my PC and mobile devices for backup and file sharing purposes. One thing I haven't ever been able to get configured correctly was where a folder shared from my phone would only Read and not Write to my PC. Even when setting a shared folder as "Read", it still syncs files in both locations. This morning, I thought I'd try the "Backup" feature so after selecting the folder on my phone, clicked the "My Devices" option for my PC. Afterwards, it was indefinitely stuck in a "Connecting" state. I know I have connectivity to the system as folders actively sync. Below are other solutions I tried to get it to work Disconnected Backup on phone and created a new one this time sharing the link (via Join) which opened on my PC in Chrome. It showed that it was trying to connect the correct folder and stated "Just a moment while we start your request..." however nothing ever happened Tried restarting the Resilio Sync Service on my PC Ensured I was at the latest version on PC: 2.5.9 Build 1088 (Installed to run as a system service) Ensured "All" was selected when viewing connected folders on PC + tried searching for the folder in Resilio Despite sync working, thought perhaps it connects over a different port so disconnected from WiFi and enabled Mobile sync. Verified sync still worked, but still wouldn't connect Restarted phone & PC then tried all over again After all of the above, I still cannot connect the two. Any suggestions you could provide as to how to set up a folder which only reads from my phone / writes to my PC would be great. The phone is an HTC One A9 /w Android 7 and PC is Windows 10 x64. Thanks!
  2. I have been resilio sync for quite some time now. But I started to notice that if my first peer is down, my other clients wouldn't sync anymore. This shouldn't be because this is not how bitorrent shoudld work I guess.
  3. Hi there! I've been using sync for quite some time now and everything works perfectly except that now I have removed two nas on my work environment. I did have some folder managed by sync in there but not anymore. Still when I open the app, my mac always shows me the "Can't connect to server" dialog and after that sync window get responsive again. This suggest it is sync that is trying to connect but I assure you, I have absolutely no more content on sync. What can I do to stop sync trying to connect to those nas that I don't have anymore?
  4. Hi there! Sync 2.0 seems to be working so far...after quite a challenging setup for three pc's and two Android devices. Thanks to the developers for all the work! If, after updates, this keeps on working like how I set it up, I would buy the software. One thing though, I notice that no matter what settings I fondle with, when I share folders, with "disconnected" setting by default, other linked devices can always add those folders to sync, without me having to give them permission. Even though I select that permission is required. My setup is the following: PC 1 shares folder "shared" with PC 2, and Android 1 & 2, read/write. PC 1 shares folder 1 with Android 1. PC 2 shares folder 2 with Android 2. Also I like two-way sync backup of the camera folder of the two Androids. Android 1 camera to PC 1. Android 2 camera to PC 2. This was a little tricky. I had all the pictures on the PC already via USB (which turned out to be necessary to get my desired setup working). I then renamed the DCIM\Camera folder to DCIM\Camera_old. If I would not do that, when adding the desired PC's folder for the camera sync via QR code to the Android camera folder, it would give an unknown error. So I created the camera folder over again on the Android, and pumped back the pictures from the PC to that folder, for both PC 1 & Android 1, and PC 2 & Android 2. Ok, no problem. At least I got it working. And tomorrow I'll setup a network backup with a backup PC, PC 3. I'll have PC 1 backup folder "shared", folder 1, the Android 1 Camera folder, and it's Lightroom database & pictures with backup PC 3. And PC 2 will backup folder 2, the Android 2 Camera folder and it's Lightroom database & pictures also to backup PC 3. Only thing is, PC 2 can, without PC 1's intervention, automatically connect to the default disconnected folder 1 and the Android 1 Camera folder of PC 1. And in turn PC 1 can also automatically connect to folder 2 and the Android 2 Camera folder of PC 2. The Androids can also connect to the disconnected folders. I would like this not to be possible. Any tips? Thanks in advance!