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Found 10 results

  1. I works behind proxy that allow connect only to 80 (http) and 443 (https) ports. I see that does not contain any tracker or relay with http (80) or https (443) ports. How can I connect to my shares at work with such proxy?
  2. I'm having an issue where the Sync is repeatedly dropping its connection, displaying "No network connection" every few mins. Currently, I'm trying to sync a load of files to a new machine (approx 2.5TB), with a one of the machines it's syncing with being on the same network. I'm seeing speeds shoot up to 100MB/s+ and then fall down to nothing, then back up and back down again. Then I'll check back intermittently and it'll be showing "No network connection". Restarting the machine fixes the issue, or after leaving it for a while (maybe 5-10 mins) it seems to resume syncing. The machine is running on Windows 7, directly wired into the router, and the other machine is running OSX 10.10.5 and is also wired into the router. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. System A (Synology NAS) w/ btsync 1.3.109. Share 'Repository' has settings relay server, tracker, LAN, not DHT. System B (x64 Linux) w/ btsync 1.4.83. Share 'Repository' has settings relay server, tracker, LAN, not DHT. The shares are connected and synched. Only these two systems are involved. On system B, I change the settings to LAN only. After a while both systems report that there are no peers to connect to. Restarting btsync on system B will re-establish the connection. I guess a restart on system A would have helped as well. I think btsync should re-establish the connection after changing the connection properties.
  4. Hello... Using Little Snitch on the Mac, I'm finding BitTorrent Sync is trying to connect regularly to unknown/unfamiliar IP addresses. Why would this be? Here are some of the IP addresses: port 43611 of port 43611 of port 43611 of port 43611 of All are UDP ports. Is this something to be concerned about? Can anybody help? Thanks! -Eric
  5. My setup is as follows: A PC, an iPad, and an Android phone. I previously managed to sync a folder on my PC to both mobile devices, and I was very happy. But now I get an error when updating a file in the PC: "All connected devices went offline" In the "Devices" tab on the PC it says: "No connected devices" On the iPad and on the Android phone, both says that 1 device is online. But on both mobile devices, an old version of the synced file is present. I tried to remove the synced folder from my iPad, and then to connect to my PC by scanning the QR code. The iPad obviously recognizes the QR code, because the camera turns off. But nothing happens then. When turning on my Android, the two mobile units obviously sync again, but then with the old version of the file i want to sync - and not the new version that is on the PC. I hope that this makes sense to anyone, and that I can get some help to tweak my PC into joining the two other devices again Just to clairify: I am at home, and all three devices are connected to the Internet via the same router.
  6. Hey, Why does BT-Sync connecting servers at the internet even if I turned off the update mechanism? Connected Servers: - -, Thanks in advance, Robert
  7. Hello! I've been using BTSync for a few months already, and enjoying it a lot. It's a fantastic combination of technologies that is very useful for me. Today, in one of my two computers, this showed up: So that's two devices connected (the one in red is an identified, close to me one) but this IP is unknown for me. Can somebody help me? Shall i be worried or something?
  8. I may have found a problem with verizon fios and bittorrent sync. anytime bittorrent sync is running, i peridoically (every 5 minutes or less) will lose my internet connection at the router. the router will completely lose all connectivity, almost as if its rebooting. it then reboots itslelf and regains internet activity. this only happens when sync is running. I thought it was a problem with upnp because i read that fios does not play well with upnp, but it still happens after disabling upnp. it actually happened 2x while typing this post. I am running: Linux Ubuntu 12.04LTS x64 BitTorrent Sync Version 1.0.130
  9. We are trying to setup BTSync on a Windows Server 2008 R2 to sync files. We are observing the behavior that when we attempt to transfer a file of size 14GB, the sync stops multiple times in between. We have placed the machine at our data-center. We see that the sync works properly when we login to the machine remotely (RDC). However, once we disconnect, the sync speed drops and stops sometimes. We have to keep logging into the machine to nudge the sync back up again. Please advice.
  10. Hello Guys, It seems that i can't establish a direct connection between two windows pc's over the internet. I manage both firewall's and enabled portforwarding in both directions. Situation: Default are all outgoing ports blocked on both firewalls PC1 at work: [work wan ip]:50158 > portforward from wan to LAN ip port 50158 (source all) > outgoing port to 19733 (and 3000) accepted (destination all) PC2 at home: [home wan ip]:19733 > portforward from wan to LAN ip port 19733 (source all) > outgoing port to 50158 (and 3000) accepted (destination all) upnp is disabled on both sync clients. I just did a succesful telnet test from home to [work wan ip] 50158. Attached are the logs with the following options checked: - Use relay server when required - use tracker server As you can see i replaced ip adresses and keys. Is there something i am missing here? Thanks in advanced! synclog.txt