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Found 4 results

  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I just updated from v2.4.4 of Resilio Pro to v2.5.6 of Resilio Home Pro and what an AMAZING IMPROVEMENT!!! From the very first install of the paid version of the program on three of my computers back in February, ALL but one of them ground to a halt every time I left Resilio running and syncing in the background. Admittedly I am syncing upwards of 30 top-level folders, with some containing hundreds, if not thousands, of multiple sub-folders and being over 1GB in total size. But like I told tech support at the time, I was doing the same previously wi
  2. Hello BtSync usually uses one Core with full load, often in quite bad moments, meaning when I am waiting for programs to start up. Therefore I would like to limit of CPU usage. How can that be achieved in Windows? br nana
  3. Attached are some samples and debug logs. I love BTSync, but it's really killing the battery on my laptop, with constant CPU usage. Let me know if you need anything at all, I'm happy to quickly attach! Thanks! sample.txt sync.txt
  4. Since starting to use the BitTorrent Sync app with large amounts of files--15GB and 20,000 files is a lot for Android--my phone periodically goes into 4-5 hours long episodes of 30-40% CPU usage. This wipes out the battery far faster than an S4 should normally perform. I've determined that it's due to Android's Media Server running overtime. I've seen people reporting this unfortunate activity from Media Server as inevitable when you have lots of files, but that placing a ".nomedia" file in a directory will make Media Server ignore everything under that file hierarchy. I've done this with all