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Found 22 results

  1. On my Synology NAS DS414 the rslsync process is running at minimum 30-50% cpu even if no peers are connected. Also there are permission errors shown for an inreasing number of my files. Synology DSM and Sync version are altest (see below). I have upgraded Sync from version 2.4 recently. DSM 6.2.1-23824-4 Sync 2.6.2 (1330)
  2. For the past few days, my Galaxy S8 has been throwing a system error message from Device Maintenance, stating "Some apps or processes are overloading the system (CPU) and need to be closed." The culprit is always Sync. Has anything changed recently to cause this? I've been running Sync on Androids for as long as it's been available, and I never had a problem like this. Thanks in advance for any insight. Regards, TT
  3. I've got what's admittedly a pretty large share, ~38GB, syncing between several Macs and a NAS. 2.3 has been great on the NAS and it works fine on the Macs except the thing is indexing several times an hour and chewing huge amounts of CPU and battery when it does. CPU will peg a core at 100% for 15 minutes at a time and the Energy Impact on my laptops puts BitTorrent Sync as consuming about twice as much power as everything else running on those machines combined. This was a complete non-issue with previous v2.x versions. Is there anything I can provide to help debug? [Here is a possible solution build - RomanZ]
  4. Hello, I have a folder which is about 900GB and 200 000 files/folders. Everytime Resilio runs an indexing operation the CPU jumps up to aroung 33-35% and stays there until finished, which takes a while until it is finished. This is on my laptop, so it kills my battery. Is there nay way to reduce this cpu usage Thanks
  5. hi Could you tell me if current ARM version for RPI 3 (running OSMC) still usages lots of CPU. I'm currently running some unsupported / wildcat version of Sync and I would like to upgrade to latest / supported version, but not if CPU usage still really high as I don't have cycles to spare on my little media centre. The version I'm currently using is 2.0.93 and I got it from . Cheers, Geoff.
  6. Resilio had been constantly running with 105% CPU usage on my MacBook. This had been going on for nearly a week since I decided to give Resilio a try again. I had tried Resilio maybe 6 months ago on this system and ran into a similar problem, but I didn't have the time to dig into the issue. After turning on Debug Logging, I saw the log file was growing at over 50MB per minute. Examining the log file, I saw the problem was with a file with a very long file name. In fact the file name appeared to be part of the contents of the file. The file was a plain text Markdown. Apparently the file name had been accidentally created by copying and pasting contents of the file into the file name. Turning off Resilio on the MacBook and the Mac Pro, deleting the file, and restarting Resilio solved the problem. Resilio is now running at 1.5% to 2% of the CPU. Here is a line from the log showing the LONG file name, I have obfuscated some info with the string "Zaaa": [20161012 10:44:20.459] FC[3A96]: fs event for entry "/Users/Zaaaaa/Sync/Board Meetings/2012/2012-01/Zaaaaa - minutes - Board Meeting 2012-01-12 Minutes # Start Time 7-00pm # Attendence **Present** - Zaa. Zaaaaaaa Zaaaaa - Zaa. Zaaaa Zaaaa - Zaaaaaaaa Zaaa Zaaaaaa - Zaaa Zaaaaaaaa Zaaa Zaaaaaa - Zaaaaaaaa Zaaaaaa Zaaaaa - Zaaa Zaaaaaaaa Zaaa" t:1351090200 s:8100 id:16777221:1066797 type:1
  7. Hi, I have very often high cpu load on my both macs (mac mini and macbook pro). There are no syncing processes running (no uploads, no downloads and no indexing). One core is at 100% for a long time. Version 2.3.10022 (0) Best regards Kay
  8. hi, i have version 2.3.6 (378) of btsync running and i have the problem, that indexing somehow needs too much resources of my pc. directly after start of btsync task manager shows relatively high cpu consumtion of btsync (about 30%) - see "processes.png". however, the pc works fine at this moment. the strange thing is, that after about a minute cpu usage of btsync drops to about 5% (see "processes2.png"), but now the pc is becoming nearly unusable. all reactions are very slow and e.g. videos in browser are hardly working anymore. if i stop btsync, then after some moments everything is fine again. "cpu.png" shows the chart of cpu usage. the first part, where the line is relatively flat, is the part where the pc is hardly working anymore (50% usage, although in processes btsync is only ~5% -> but somehow anyway its btsyncs fault). the drop of the usage in the chart occurs, if i terminate btsync. "settings.png" shows my advanced settings of btsync - i already tried some things like changing "folder_rescan_interval" to a higher value or "disk_low_priority" to true. my system: win 10 64bit intel core i5 m 520 8GB RAM i would be very thankful if you could help me with this very strange problem! if you need some logfiles or more infos, please let me know. thanks!
  9. Hi, I was pleased to see the official Linux packages release last week, but on Debian Jessie (on a Raspberry Pi), the CPU usage is up above 100% and often 150%. It's unusable. Has anyone else seen similar or knows a way around it, or do we have to wait for the Sync team to do a fix? Thanks
  10. Hello ! I've been testing btsync for a few days and I was able to sync folders containing a few files/folders succesfully. Btsync seems to be the solution I was waiting for. Now I'm running into a problem : I'm trying to sync a folder containing about 35000 files (about 20Gb) between two synology NAS boxes so I added a folder share on the first one and generated a secret. The btsync web interface tells me this : 21.7 GB in 36915 files (Indexing...) Also, the CPU usage is abnormally high (above 70%) and I'm talking about constant usage, not peak usage. My folder contained originally 500k+ files and I thought that it was too many, that's why I reduced the number of files to about 35k. Indexing seems to be stuck, could someone help me troubleshoot this ? I've looked into the logs but I could not find anything relevant. Thanks in advance, David
  11. Yesterday evening got my new MacBook Pro up and running, installed Bittorrent Sync Pro and enabled syncing of my favorite folders. Ever since my MacBook feels the need to let the fans run. I thought it was another process at first but no - it's Bittorrent Sync alright. I'll attach some screenshots below. The Programm keeps the CPU busy like there is now tomorrow. Is that, because it has to sync so many folders for the first time? Still it shouldn't bring my battery life down from 9 to 1,5 hours, should it? Dropbox - which started syncinc at the same time uses far less energy. Has someone had similar experiences with Sync? Using BT Sync 2.1.1
  12. I have seen this mentioned before, but haven't seen any resolutions. I had a Zyxel NSA-221 that I was able to install btsync 1.0.116 without any issues. It ran fine, but was extremely slow and constantly ran the CPU at 100% even when idle. So, I purchased a QNAP TS-219II to replace it. I was able to get this up and running fine as you can see here. Now, it doesn't usually run at 100%, but it is above 60% more than it's not, it would seem. I was watching it this morning after making sure that there were no other devices connected. I also made sure to wait until any indexing was complete. I watched it go between 93% and 1%, but mostly staying at around 60-70% Here is a screenshot of it at 93% with no devices attached and no indexes running. I know this is still alpha, but should it be running that high when idle? Eddie
  13. I'm running Bittorrent Sync Version 1.2.82 on Mac OS X 10.9.1 on 3 machines, and I find the CPU utilisation is just too high, and my battery life on my laptops has degraded significantly. CPU usage will range from 100% quite frequently down to around 10-15% but even when nothing happens. I find it's often reindexing my files (339,000, I realise I have a few), and changing a few files can get it off on a tangent. I migrated across from Dropbox to Bittorrent Sync because I love the idea of not storing my data in the cloud, however I am finding the loss in battery life, the constant spinning of my fans, and the degraded performance is getting me to the point where I may unfortunately move back. Does anyone know what could be causing this, or how this could be fixed? Thanks, Matt
  14. Running Sync 1.4.103 on Windows 7 64-bit machine and it's using nearly all available RAM and CPU usage is up to as much as 60% (though dips down to 30) Older versions of sync never used to chew resources so badly. I can't figure out what to do to fix this.
  15. Hello everybody, I have performance issues with Sync app I have noticed Sync does an index re-calculation every time I open the application. This is a problem because I have a share containing lot of pictures taking up to 29 GB of space, so the indexing seems to take for ages. In addition to this I haven't added any new photos to the folder, so Sync should do anything at all. After that I tried to disable this share by selecting the pause menu. Although the GUI displayed the paused state, I still could see some CPU and network utilization in a resource monitoring app. Does anybody have similar issues? Is there a workaround for it? Thanks, Geza
  16. The CPU usage on Android is way to high. I have one read-only folder that is not synchronized. And I have camera upload turned on (and 3 photos to sync). Why does Bittorrent Sync create the whole folder structure when it is a read-only, non synchronized folder? Just create the folder when a file i downloaded. It seems like it is using a lot of CPU power to keep the folderstructure synchronized.
  17. I have both OneDrive and BitTorrent running on my Windows 7 laptop. It seems that BitTorrent can never be idle. It is constantly using about 2~3% of my cpu even though there is no change in any of my files. On the other hand, OneDive can be idle if you are not changing any files. So if you just let your computer be idle, the total CPU time of BitTorrent will still increase but the CPU time of OneDrive won't. Why BitTorrent need to use CPU constantly?
  18. I am running BTSync on a windows 7 machine, and it is syncing about 200k files. The longer version 1.3.105 runs, the more ram it uses until an eventual crash. This happens every other day or so. The user interface also slows down the longer the program is running. This was not an issue in the versions I used. Currently the program has been running for 24hrs and is using ~1.5gb of ram. This is much higher than the estimates that I saw in the FAQ for the number of files I'm syncing. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Being able to set a max CPU use on a machine. When adding new folders the CPU use can be 50-80% until indexes and first sync is finished. Limiting bandwith does not help in any way. /Jesper
  20. Hi, I have a problem running BTSync on my Buffalo NAS. I am running firmware 1.64, and have root access to the device. No other modifications has been done to the firmware. The NAS is arm based: > uname -a Linux hostname 3.3.4-88f6281 #2 Mon Dec 10 17:31:41 JST 2012 armv5tel unknown I installed and ran the program like this: > wget > tar zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz > chmod u+x btsync > ./btsync Now to my problem. The program runs, but I can't access the webui. When I check top it says that btsync is using close to a 100% of the cpu. I left it running for about 5min, but it is still close to a 100% and no webui. I also tried running with the flag --no-daemon set, in hope of getting some debug messages, but nothing. Do you guys and girls have any idea of what might be causing this, and is there a possible fix? Is there any way to get some debug info from the application?
  21. BTsync is drawing quite a lot of CPU resources from my Raspberry Pi (currently I have approx. 97k files that total 15GB and I expect that to double before it plateaus). Based on other articles in this forum, i'm considering to increase the folder_rescan_interval to be a much higher number. Here comes my question ... The Raspberry Pi simply serves as a Read-Only device, in other words, no files will be changing on this device, it only servers to mirror a folder contents on another (ubuntu) device that frequently creates new files (photos). In this scenario, is folder rescan even necessary on the Raspberry Pi? If not, how do I disable rescanning, simply set folder_rescan_interval to a very large number?
  22. Hello everybody, After having installed and configured btsync on my Synology NAS I have noticed that that the btsync process was constantly consuming cpu cycles. By using strace, it appears that it wakes every seconds. Here's the sequence of system calls done at each cycle: 1.008407 futex(0x34f15c, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 00.000131 stat64("/etc/localtime", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=2944, ...}) = 00.000544 stat64("/etc/localtime", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=2944, ...}) = 00.000315 stat64("/etc/localtime", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=2944, ...}) = 00.000328 stat64("/etc/localtime", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=2944, ...}) = 00.000341 gettimeofday({1385367603, 787625}, NULL) = 00.000221 gettimeofday({1385367603, 787845}, NULL) = 00.000267 clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME, {1385367603, 788114999}) = 0I thought that btsync was using inotify ( or similar mechanism to be awaken only by modifications inside watched directories. So why does it needs to be awaken every second?