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  1. On Big Sur, I'm finding I return to my computer to find a "Resilio Sync unexpectedly quit" notice up. Also Sync is using consistently at least 600MB of memory, and sometimes higher, and often 20+% CPU, to sit idle. (Mid-spec iMac 2017.) No issues with Mojave. What can I do to troubleshoot this? (Bonus question: With no updates or signs of life from the company in months, in the middle of an Apple architecture transition, and when millions are relying on remote file sharing more than ever... is Resilio Sync dead and should I look for an alternative?)
  2. Resilio Sync Version 2.7.2 (2.7.2) MacOS version 10.15.6 (19G2021) I have a paid version of Resilio Sync (Home Pro I think it is called?). I have it set up on about 6 to 7 different devices, mostly sharing the same files. On one of my devices, Resilio Sync crashes seconds after starting the application. Resilio Sync starts by what seems to be reading the folders, possibly indexing them. Before it is done, it crashes. I tried pausing syncing as soon as the app starts. Still continues to crash. I tried disabling WiFi and starting the app. Still continues to crash. I
  3. Hi there, I'm using the free version of resilio sync to sync two pcs at home, both Windows 10. It worked great for about a week. Now it crashes about 10-20 seconds after opening it on one of the computers. I've tried uninstall-windows restart-reinstall, which didn't work. Any other ideas? Does it help hitting "send bug report to developers" ten times before I give up or is this just annoying? Was going to attach a dmp file to this post but it's +3MB (only 0.5 allowed). Any ideas or recommended procedures? Thanks! Btw, posts from people having similar problems seem quite a while ago - re
  4. We have a copy of v2.5.12 (1191) that keeps crashing on one of our machines. It will stop responding when opening, and crash when attempting to start. Sometimes it will appear to be uploading, then changing to view the history or devices will cause the crash message. I have a dump file but it is too large to attach to this post... how can I get this log examined so we can get to a solution?
  5. I've been using Sync home for a long time, and haven't had one problem so far. But yesterday I ran into a big one. I have a file server and a laptop. Both run Windows 10 and they've been syncing quite a lot of folders for me. So yesterday I thought I'd set up an off-site backup, and as that would sync to a VPS, I'd thought I'd make that copy encrypted. So I changed the folders I wanted to sync to the VPS to encrypted. The server is the master. I added the encrypted key on the VPS encrypted backup folders, and that seems to work very well. Almost everything is synced now. Then I adde
  6. Since some months back I've encountered my QNAP NAS totally unresponsive once a week, needing a reboot to be usable again. With help from QNAP's support, I've narrowed the problem down to the Sync app in combination with the antivirus scan provided by QNAP: - I have the antivirus scan scheduled to run once every week. One of the folders in the scan job is synced by the Bittorrent Sync app on the NAS. - After some hour of antivirus scanning, before the antivirus reports a finished scanning, the NAS becomes impossible to reach on the network. It happens every time, and the NAS h
  7. I have BitTorrent Sync 2.3 installed a Raspberry Pi Model A, btsync crashes every day or so. I only recently upgraded from v1.4(ish) and everything worked fine with the old version but the new version will not run for longer than about a day. In checking the log file I have found that the problems seem to start with this: [20160320 19:12:31.024] SyncSocket[0xb2dfdaf8]: an error has occurred - code: 110, message: "offline (timed out)" [20160320 19:12:31.029] PD[8E0D] [0E4A]: failed to open TCP tunnel - endpoint:, status: "offline (timed out)", enc: SRP, socket: 0xac562620,
  8. I am not sure what to do here. I recently was prompted to install new version 2.3.1 and ever since then sync crashes within a few minutes of launching. Can I reinstall without losing my folders?
  9. Windows 10 (updated from Windows 7). BtSync 64 (Also tried with 32bit version). Install ok. But when I add a remote folder (read only), btsync crash and it show in a Window: "BitTorrent Sync has crashed. A crash dump has beed saved as: C:\user....\..dmp" Some ideas?
  10. Android 4.2.2 Crashing and sending log and forum user name.
  11. Hi, I use bittorent sync since one year to sync 2 NAS Synology, I've used both the 1.4 and 2.0 version without problem by downloading the arm build here : Everything was fine. But with the lastest build ( September 9th) and the one before that I'm not able to sync anymore. When bittorent sync start, everything is ok, it starts indexing and syncing for about 30 seconds until this appends in the sync.log and the process crash. Restarting it make no differences. [20150916 16:58:47.286] Update have pieces for fi
  12. Hello, I am testing Sync Basic ahead of setting up the entire network for Sync pro. As MacBook Pro-s (MBP) with latest Yosemite always crashed in sleep-mode I uninstalled Sync and crashes didn't occur again. As long as Sync had been installed, MBPs didn't seem to really "go asleep" (remained very hot), lost fluent memory content and started restoring content from long before turning into sleep mode. Is that issue known? Is there a work around? Is there any feature in Sync Pro, that could avoid that. Thanks in advance and best regards May
  13. i've setup btsync on 3 computers all running windows 7 64bit. After one computer crashed because of BSOD several synced folders had all their contents removed. I looked in the archive folder to find them there. is there a plan to detect if a harddrive has been disconnected or other synced computer to know of BSOD. this has happened 3 times. you could reproduce it by disconnecting a USB drive during sync
  14. Hi i will keep it simple. When i try to add a sync[folder] on my mobile's sdcard My phone is a samsung galaxy S5[sM-G900F] [/storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files ] The app will crash and no folder will be added. I noticed that this problem should've been fixed in the last update: v 2.0.83• Fixed crash on adding a folder to external SD card I hope you can help with the problem. w12w
  15. Don't have many details yet besides noticing that when returning to Bittorrent Sync on my iMac after sleeping or hibernation, my Airport Extreme wireless networks seem to lose connection to the internet until I close BTsync and reboot my iMac.
  16. Hi there, Is there a way to remove a few linked devices from the devices list that are not used anymore? While setting up BitTorrent Sync on two Androids, the program kept crashing a few times, which forced me to reconfigure the setup. No problem, it happens, but it did link already with another "main" device, and on there the two unused devices are staying "out of sync" in the list. Any way to remove those? Thanks!
  17. I'm not sure which version this started in - I think it was after I updated to iOS 8, but I'm not sure. I used to be able to select photos that were in a shared Photo Stream and add them to a sync folder. Now I can select them, but as soon as I hit the check button to start syncing, the app crashes. I can still upload photos from my Camera Roll without a problem. I'm updated to 1.4.97 on 8.1 on a 5S. The crash log mentions "bug_type":"109", if that's informative.
  18. Nexus 5 Android 5.01 Sync Whenever I try to share a link or email the client would freeze & hang. My nexus would be unresponsive to any screen input and required a forced hard reboot. Is my /sdcard (internal memory) folder too large? (about 6k files 12GB)
  19. Hello!! I would like to know what is the problem with my Bit Sync, It doesn't open anymore... I made a video for you guys to see exactly what is going on ... I really don't wanna reinstall the app and configure all the folders and options again...Is there any solution for this? why did this happen? Thank you!
  20. Nearly every time I copy files from my work server via Afp to a folder that is being synced by BT Sync my computer crashes halfway through and then restarts my computer. My computer does not do this when BT Sync is closed before I copy the files. Is anyone else having this issue and if so is there a fix? Mackbook Pro OS X 10.10.1 BT Sync 1.4 Thanks!
  21. Hello, I am running windows 7 64 bit up to date, I have tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions but every time I start btsync.exe it crashes. I have tried reinstalling, rebooting, without succes, any ideas how to troubleshoot? I tried running from cmd.exe hoping I would catch an error message but nothing. Thanks
  22. Hi, My btsync on Android keeps crashing on startup after 40 seconds. Android 4.4.4 with CyanogenMod latest stable. D/TrafficView( 5166): 242506628,242509454;983760527,983764112;191064885,191065894;2800,3553D/TrafficView( 5166): 242509454,242512222;983764112,983767111;191065894,191066902;2746,2975D/TrafficView( 5166): 242512222,242516169;983767111,983771600;191066902,191067913;3904,4440D/TrafficView( 5166): 242516169,242518146;983771600,983773380;191067913,191068922;1959,1764D/TrafficView( 5166): 242518146,242524962;983773380,983791497;191068922,191069932;6748,17937E/UTERRORONOES(27097): Du
  23. Hi, The Android client works great for me until recently it simply crash when it starts... What could be the issue? Here is the logcat output when it start and crash: 11-04 01:38:06.662: I/ActivityManager(628): Start proc com.bittorrent.sync for activity com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.StartActivity: pid=16269 uid=10158 gids={50158, 1006, 3003, 1028, 1015}11-04 01:38:06.992: I/ActivityManager(16269): Timeline: Activity_launch_request id:com.bittorrent.sync time:1502830211-04 01:38:06.992: I/ActivityManager(628): START u0 {cmp=com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity} from pid 1626911
  24. I have used BitTorrent Sync successfully for several months until your recent updates when the program crashes on startup on my desktop PC running Windows 7 64 bit, while it runs perfectly on my laptop running the same operating system. The crash dump was forwarded to the developers on the following reference - 16973929-sync.6d6f.dmp Can I enquire whather it is possible to obtain earlier versions of BitTorrent Sync which ran perfectly on my system.
  25. Hi, I'm using the synology community edition and found out that my bittorrent sync crashes every 2-3 days. After restarting it, it works fine again for a couple of days. Just before the crash I notice in my sync.log files the following: [20141014 13:54:55.578] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable[20141014 13:54:55.588] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable Anybody experiencing the same? What can I do to provide more diagnostic info. How do I generate the dump files? Thanks