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Found 2 results

  1. After an internet outage ofseveral weeks, Resilio 2.6.2-1 stops frequently on Synology NAS DSM 6.2.2-24922 update 4. nothing has change in the configuartion. The only thing that has happened is the internet wek down for a long time, and has not been restored. There was temporariy internet for uch of that time, configured differently, and Resilio would only run briefly then stop. I assumed it was somethign to do with the backup internet. Now that the main internet has been resotred I assumed it would just start working reliably, but restoration of the main internet has made no difference. It only runs for a few minutes, as most. It doesn't seem to running out of RAM, which is the only thing I've found to look for. Is there any error log that I can find to give me more details on why it is stopping? Any help would be greatly appreciated. John
  2. BTSync 1.3.105 crashes on startup on Linux x86_64 (Debian stable server). Crash happens when BTSync detects that a file update has been detected in an encrypted RO share. Currently this happens within a second of starting btsync. Here is the terminal output using --nodaemon: SyncFilesController: started periodic scanSyncFilesController [file updated]: Processing file <PATH_TO_HASHED_FILE> 1401206360 603SyncFilesController: Detected updated file "<HASHED_FILE>" (R/O). Checking filehashassert failed ./SyncFilesControllerRO.cpp:365 (16973929)SyncFolderNotify: ".SyncID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE"[OnNotifyFileChange] <PATH_TO_SHARE>/.SyncID, source = NULLAbortedHere is the debug log output: [20140530 14:23:12.809] SyncFilesController: Detected updated file "<HASHED_FILE>" (R/O). Checking filehash[20140530 14:23:12.810] SyncFolderNotify: ".SyncID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE"[20140530 14:23:12.810] [OnNotifyFileChange] <PATH_TO_FOLDER>/.SyncID, source = NULLI have replaced sensitive information above with <EXPLANATION_TEXT>. To isolate the problem, the only other machine that has access to the secret (encrypted RW), which means it has BTSync running, is also a Linux x86_64 machine. BTSync is the same version. BTSync does not crash on this machine which has the encrypted RW version of the same secret. I have tried to delete everything in .sync folder as well as all .SyncID files. Everything is setup via config file, webgui is disabled. This setup has worked for months using previous versions of BTSync. The crash began after updating to 1.3.105, but now going back to previous version does not help. Although I have not tested by deleting all .SyncID files and .sync folder contents prior to going back to an older version.