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Found 4 results

  1. I am having Kubuntu 14.4. When I try to add a folder via a key, I get the Status "Database error". Reading the article "Unknown error (Database error)" did not help. I added the relevant log lines and the configs I use. I changed the beginning of resilio-sync to DAEMON=/usr/bin/rslsync SYNC_USER=myuser CONFIG=/etc/resilio-sync/config.json Can you help?
  2. Hi, I really like e way that BT sync works and how convenient it is to handle it as well as the secure data transfer peer 2 peer. I am working on a desaster relief communications software that is currently based on apache, php, mysql. Looking forward, it would make a lot of sense to use the distributed redundant HW of the 4..10 Laptops instead of a single server. The question I have is: would there be a short term or long term way to use BT sync to databases (type of database is nearly not important because the database would be running on each machine as a local instance). Also, one could co
  3. Hi, I want to use a database and use bt sync to back it up to an off site machine. As any changes made to the daily diary interact with many tables within the database, when would a sync happen? Tom
  4. I have a NAS with ARM cpu and linux, and about 800 gbytes of data that need to be synced. Withe the ARM cpu it would take days to btsync complete the indexing. In past version i've just indexed all on my x86 quad core windows PC, then converted the backslashes to slashes in database files, then moved these on the NAS, so btsync accepted this database, and no need to re index everything. But now with the newest version this don't works(and the new version makes a new database). And no any progress indication. Should i roll back?