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Found 6 results

  1. At this page: it describes how one can set the default mode for a device to "Disconnected". I did that in order to manually specify the folder location when connecting - as described in the article. However, when I did so and then added an Android Backup folder, it was immediately Connected and immediately began sync'ing. Luckily, I also found this article: Where I learned that I can move the target folder to where I actually want it to be. So I have a clumsy work-around, but I thought the Devs should know of the bug so it can be fixed.
  2. Hello, I would like to have selective sync download new files by default and let my remove the files I don't want individually, rather than the other way around. Thanks, Will
  3. I install Resilio Sync on my linux VPS, I set the value of folder_rescan_interval 10 via access the web http://myip:8888/gui/ then I login to my remote VPS and launch service resilio-sync stop and service resilio-sync start After I access my Resilio Sync via the web http://myip:8888/gui/, I find that the value of folder_rescan_interval restore to default, why?
  4. Hi, The first time it happened, it was my fault, I disconnected the hard drive with the files shared with another computer (both with owners attribute of files), then after the reboot, getSync launched on startup, it created a folder by itself and started to download files from the other computer. Then I had disconnect the folder in getSYnc GUI and suppress it to restart the sync. Another time, for an unkwnown reason, getSync decided by itself to re-create all my shared folders in the default path, and my C:\ drive went full in less than an hour. The shared folders cames from 2 different hard drives, so no possible reason that one of them was disconnected and not the another one. I had to resynchronise every folder. Is there a way to prevent this ? It's the third indexation I have to create with 2 To. (WIndows10). yours. w°w
  5. I'd love to see Synology's @eaDir directories/files automatically in .SyncIgnore !
  6. My setup is for folders only synced by predefined hosts. Every time I choose a new folder, it has relay servers, tracker servers, and LAN searching on. Instead, I want any folder I create to have my predefined hosts and all these options turned off. Hell, at this point I'd be happy to create a folder that had NONE of these settings activated. Is there something I can adjust to alter what are considered the "default" properties for added sync folders? Thanks for the help.