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Found 11 results

  1. I initially tried to transfer files from a tablet to a desktop computer using USB cable but as that was partially failing continually I realised that I could try transferring them via Resilio Sync. This appeared to be working well; however, It seems that because some of the files and folders had successfully transferred via USB cable, after syncing the two folders between my tablet and PC in read & write mode, Resilio Sync has assumed that the unstransferred/missing files on my PC should be deleted from my tablet where the original files existed. I have searched both my tablet and my PC for these deleted files but they do not exist in any Archive folders as I am led to believe they should if Sync deleted files. Yes, I have the option to put deleted files into the archive switched on. The files show in Sync on my tablet as unsynced (i.e. not on my tablet) but as they do not exist on my PC I cannot download/sync them from my PC onto the tablet. In Sync on my PC I am also informed that "Sync encountered some issues while synchronizing your files" and "These files cannot be downloaded because there are no source peers online for too long a time". The list of problem files are indeed most of the files that have been deleted by Sync (although many are not shown in the list). I now do not have any copies of these missing files which were valuable to me. My whole purpose for using Sync is to protect and backup valuable files. Is there any chance that Sync has placed these deleted files somewhere I have not been able to find. I have searched both my tablet and PC for ".sync" and "Archive" folders and sadly it appears that the files have been permanently deleted with no backup. Surely Sync should be built to NEVER take any destructive actions without obtaining user confirmation or backing up. Is anyone in Resilio aware of this problem with Sync deleting files and not archiving them as the documentation states it should? Thanks.
  2. First of all, I'm sorry for the terrible english. I'm just posting here because I'm really desperate. So good night, my name is Marcelo and I'd like to know if any of you could help me. This is my story: Tonight I had my first experience with BitTorrent. I was choosing the folder that I wanted to sync but I clicked the wrong folder. That's OK until here... Well, my first reaction was deleting the folder, so it would stop syncing, but I realized that the original folder (that was on my HD) was also deleted. I couldn't find any way to recover these deleted files, and it isn't in the Trash folder of my mac. Is there any way to recover these files?
  3. User Story: Manually restoring files from .sync/Archive is not as intuitive as having a GUI. In the initial release it might be as simple as: MyModifiedFile.txt Restore a previous version 2018-04-10 10:30 AM 2018-04-10 10:19 AM 2018-04-09 07:50 PM 2018-04-08 02:00 PM MyDeletedFile.txt Restore file In further iterations it might implement a file preview and/or a comparison view. The most important feature regarding this would be the ability to unset the deleted status in database so the file can be re-uploaded from an encrypted peer. Thank you, guys. You did an incredible job.
  4. I've got tons of issues with the latest version (2.3.3), the biggest one being that folders are suddenly disappearing from BTS all the time after a restart. When re-adding them, indexing will get stuck after a few GB's. I've noticed that if I quit all other clients (so it can't sync the new folder) indexing will finish properly. I've already downgraded to 2.2.7 because of this and the issue of BTS constantly indexing, using up 100% CPU draining my battery (there is already another topic about this).
  5. Hello! I set up BTSync for a directory on one PC (which I will refer to as Ubuntu1) and shared the full access secret to a second PC (Ubuntu2). After fully syncing, Ubuntu2 has downloaded all of the original files. Next, when I delete a file on Ubuntu2 it simply downloads it from Ubunutu1 again during syncing! Surely what should happen instead is the file on Ubuntu1 should be moved to the .SynchArchive? Why do my files keep coming back? Thank you!
  6. I have a Digital Ocean server running Bittorrent sync, I used that to torrent my podcast so I can help support/seed. I used torrent sync to sync the completed podcasts to my computers and phones. My server only had 20GB available so I need to delete the podcast every so often to make room for the new ones. But this deletes the podcast from my desktop and phones as well because they are synced with the server. Is there anyway to have my desktop"s Bittorrent sync ignore deleted files from the server? So I can keep an archive of the podcast on my desktop? At the moment I am using a Read only key to my desktop and phones.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug, or whether I'm misunderstanding how the "Backup" option works. I've set up a backup folder pair between my Nexus 5 and my PC, and transferred a huge swathe of photos from my phone to my computer. I then deleted the files from my phone (being careful not to delete the BitTorrent Sync system files), but the same files were subsequently deleted on my computer by BitTorrent Sync. Is this supposed to happen? I thought a "backup" folder pair meant one-way syncing, and that this wouldn't involve deleting any files on my PC. Thankfully I suspected this might happen and made a copy of my PC folder before I deleted the files on my phone, so my photos are still safe. Can anyone shed some light on this? If this is how the "Backup" folder pair option is supposed to work (one-way syncing, including syncing deleted files), it would be great to have an option to turn off the syncing of deleted files. It would really help users like me who want to use BitTorrent Sync to backup photos on their mobile devices. Quick specs: - Android Nexus 5 with the latest 4.4.4 KitKat - Windows 8.1 64-bit
  8. Hi, A couple of my folders on BTSync were deleted when I switched on one of my synced computers today. Apparrently, another of my computers 'deleted' files in the night. I am not sure how to remedy this. I found some of the files in the sync archive of the former computer. However, they have lost the timestamps when they were first created + latest modification. Is there a way to recover these metadata? I also don't know if more files have been lost...? Would anyone know what the problem is? On a related note, I've also noticed that the upload/download status have been stuck for weeks, usually ~Mb order of magnitude. Furthermore, some files just don't sync over the computers. I really hope to recover the files, they are for work... Thank you for the help. Also to add, out of the 3 computers, which I have access to 2 now, there seems to be different extent of deletions.
  9. Hello, I downloaded the Bittorent Sync yesterday and installed on my machine. I created a sync folder (already has content before). I gave my secret to my friend. He said he successfully got all my files. But today, when I woke up and started the BittorentSync, all of a sudden all my files are gone. Just the files, the folders are still in there. I asked my friend if he deleted the files in the sync folder but said no. I know it has not been deleted, and all my important files are gone. I don't where it goes.
  10. I've used sync without observing any hickups on 4 machines for quite a while and just took the plunge and configured it on my NAS. I've got 100Gb of pretty important information stored and felt quite secure as it is redundant across many machines and drives. However I have just observed that saving pictures from Safari to my Pictures folder works fine, and then the subfolder with the new downloads is removed shortly thereafter. I don't ever want that to happen. It makes me question the fundamental premise. Is there a way to stop this from happening or determine what is going on?
  11. Hi there, BT sync is a nice piece of software, but it's inexplicably deleted the contents of an entire folder. I have no idea why. I guess I should take you through what I did, because I have no clue how to reproduce what happened. I certainly didn't delete the folder, on either drive. 1. use puresync to sync the hard drives initially on the same PC. It keeps timestamps on all files, but not on folders. weird. 2. install BT sync. connect backup hard drive to an offsite PC. 3. share the secret, pair the folders, allowing both to read/write/delete whatever. 4. opt not to use the syncarchive folder, because I had about 30GB free on the drives. My thinking was: what if I deleted 100GB from my primary HDD, and then copied another 100GB to it? The sync might fail, and that would create hassle. So I made the mistake of opting just to just put files in recycle bin. 5. Sync drive. Works fine for a few days, apart from some files that are "skipped due to bad timestamp". Those files seem unrelated - they haven't been deleted. 5.5 Noticed that lots of files are marked read-only. Changed their attributes on both hard drives, in case this was causing files to be skipped. 6. Deleted a 80GB folder from primary hard drive. Unrelated to the files that are missing. 6. Woke up this morning and notice I have an awful lot of free space on my HDD. around 300GB less than I thought. Can't figure out why - I had only deleted around 80GB the previous day. 7. Try to play some music and realise the files are gone. They're not in either recycle bin, on either PC. They are gone. around 300GB of music & music videos, that have taken me 8 years to collect. I know you probably can't help me. But I would hope that this would help somebody else in the future to not lose their valuable data. Use syncarchive. Then again, perhaps bittorrent sync would still remove the files without using syncarchive, if this bug really is as serious as it seems to be? I'll be happy to answer clarifying questions.