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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, i have a strange problem: I have to sync some files on a server with a remote co-worker. So i decided to use Resilio. The problem is that whenever he connects using the Shared Key R/W , some of the files in that folder disappear, and there's no log or anything Can you help me?
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue with a folder syncing music files between two laptops, two desktops all on Sync 2.3.3 and two android devices (phone Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1 & tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Android 5.0.2 and Sync 2.3.5). I have MP3 files on a desktop, that I want to be able to play on both android devices, and have access to i.e. change/rename/move on the other desktops and laptops. Currently they are in a folder named Sync Music and all the devices above are linked, I have paid for a pro key. The problem is that on setting up they synced up fine, but intermittently the phone is losing files, they are staying as 0 byte placeholders but in some situations this is deleting from all devices (I have them backed up so its not an issue, just annoying and worrying for other stuff that is synced which is backed up but not every day, although this currently is not synced with the android devices), then it says it is sending the files to the phone but never actually completes the sync. This folder is not set to selective sync on the phone or any of the devices, I have deleted the whole file and started again on more than one occasion, and also changing all the other devices to stop syncing until I had it sorted, which I though had happened as all seemed to be working fine, but as I checked again this morning, as it indexed the number of files dropped and half are now missing. On this occasion although Sync thinks there is half the files there some of these 'missing' files work fine and some do not, and most still seem to be present on the computers. I tried to share the QR for read only when setting up this file but I assume as it is a linked device it still says 'owner' or 'read & write' depending on the basic file type regardless of which key I have used. I suspect what I will need to do is unlink my android devices and then simply share the file as read only when they are unlinked, or is there a different/better way?
  3. Hi, I am running BitTorrent Sync 2.0.93 on an Arch linux server and it works nicely. My only problem is that the disk quota is limited so I have to be pretty careful about archives and storing old files. Currently I am using BTSync with the default settings which means the deleted files all go to a .sync/Archive folder. I tried setting the sync_trash_ttl configuration in /etc/btsync.conf but it basically stopped my daemon to start like it was an unknown configuration directive. My first question would be: Is it safe to manually delete the contents of the .sync/Archive directory? Things are piling up pretty quickly and I'd like to do a spring cleanup. Also, how others achieve immediate deletion of files instead of storing them in there? Thank you in advance, -- Attiila
  4. Hi all I have a doubt about start syncing. Suppose I start syncing a folder on my desktop and on my nootebook. I.e. I setup a sync pair for the first time in a given directory: My DesktopPC, MyFolder, content FileA FileB FileD FileF My Notebook, MyFolder, content FileA FileC FileD FileE In this case, at the very first sync (I mean 2 directories never synced before), is there a risk that FileB and FileF are deleted from DesktopPC and FileC and FileE are deleted from Notebook? Or, at the end of sync I will have FileA FileB FileC FileD FileE FileF on both computers? Thank you!