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Found 2 results

  1. Some problems about renaming folders and device: 1) I change my iPhone device name (es: iPhone 4S), but the iPhone Camera backup always save folder and link as "iPhone (2) Camera backup". So I disconnect the folder, and change the path on reconnect to a new created "iPhone 4S Camera backup" to have a link to a correct "iPhone 4S Camera Backup". Then I shared it with a link on other device and they connect to "iPhone 4S Camera backup" as wanted. But I do not need to have the backup everywhere so I disconnect on device as my needs. All the link I disconnect show again "iPhone (2) Camera backup". 2) After some activities on the Camera Backup the iPhone device name return (without any explicit command) to iPhone (2) name. In the device list connected to my identity I have another iPhone named "iPhone of AAA" that save Camera backup as "iPhone Camera backup". Where I'm Wrong ? Maybe I can't have 2 iPhone connected with different name (and so their Camera backup )? PS: I have an iPad too. Its Camera backup reflect the device name: "iPad of BBB" --> "iPad of BBB Camera backup" folder.
  2. I have installed the app for my iphone and set it to sync my photos to my PC. When I started syncing my photos, it used the default name of the iphone device as a file prefix. In my case, my iphone was set as "Alex's iPhone" so each image file has the prefix "Alex's_..." Apparently it limits the device name to 7 characters. I didn't like that so I changed the device name in the iphone app to "iPhone." However, that did not change the file prefix of the synced photos to my PC. It is still using the old name as the prefix. How do I change this? Thanks.