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Found 12 results

  1. This morning, suddenly the below dialog comes up when starting Sync: I have not the slightest idea what this dialog suggests me to do -- and there is also no explanation given about it whatsoever. Additionally, there is not even a possibility to dismiss this dialog! So what am I supposed to do? I can't even get to the main screen of Sync. Please note that I'm as close to an software engineer as you get, being a power user with occasional programming experience. Therefore, please try and use language that not only the developers but also your customers understand, when suddenly coming up with dialogs like the above. Finally, please be as kind as to explain what the above dialog is about. Thank you David.P
  2. My RPi seems dead which ive joined with my Pro license. in my other machines Sync UI, i see that i can "hide" my RPi, but not unlink it. Can i avoid that dead RPi (broken sd) alocating 1 of my 10 Pro licenswd devices? (and hanging around in my UI for no use)?
  3. Hello, I had the following issue. I have Sync Pro for personal use installed on four devices. One of them were switched off a long time, but it had a relatively new version of Sync (2.3.4). The other three devices where almost up to date, 2.3.8, 2.3.6 and 2.3.6 (this one installed as a service). What happened is: Switched on the device with the old version and upgraded to latest version. Restarted. All my devices had all their folders disconnected. No warnings. No messages. How can this happen? Did I do something wrong? Don't make me wrong, I really like the product, it has unique features not found in, for instance, DropBox. But from time to time it has issues that make it unsuitable for real work. Now that is a paid for product, this should be a really concerning issue. I would like to use it in my company, but I think it is not ready yet.
  4. Hello, I already have Sync running on my laptop&pc under windows, and another instance on my Raspberry Pi. I recently added Ubuntu as a dualboot to my laptop and wanted to set up bittorrent sync there as well. The program itself runs fine, however, I cannot link it as a device to my identity. When I enter the connection key, I get to choose the folder to link to, but once I've chosen that, the window to enter the key it still open and it says "Please enter valid key". I've tried sharing one of my folders instead, and that works normally, it just seems the device linking doesn't work. What can I do about this?
  5. Hi, I have a setup with BTSync on a laptop, a pc, and a Raspberry Pi to act as a server. I recently noticed it stopped working (not sure why - I actually think it might have just been on pause accidentally, it was pretty late...) Anyway, I had set this up before I had Pro and you could easily link devices under one identity. So I used it as an opportunity to do just that, and the sync between the pc and laptop works just fine. However, I can't get my Raspberry Pi to link. If I unlink the device over the WebGUI, I get the normal prompt to create an identity, but no option to link an identity from another device. Obviously I want to do that, so I can use the Pro version on the Pi as well. Any suggestions on how to solve this?
  6. I downloaded the latest version of Sync on my Pc and my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1. I created an accound on my PC, and when i try to link my iPhone via the QR Code it gives me the following message: "Can't link your devices. Please check your connection and try again" Do you have any solution for this problem? P.S. I tried to link my devices both on Wi-Fi and 4G
  7. Hello, I cannot link my ipad. the problem is that i cannot scan the qr code. Picture
  8. I updated to the most recent version 1.3.109 on both of my Macs. since doing so, files do not sync. Whenever I open a file on either computer, I get the error message that all syncing devices have gone offline, or I get nothing at all. I have checked everything I can check. Both computers are running the same version, both have the same secret key. The only thing that is different between the two is the listening port. When I open the preferences I can find the folder that I have had synced on each machine with a matching number of files but when I click on the devices icon, there is nothing there. Any ideas?
  9. Hi all, Is there a way to flush devices history from the Web GUI ?
  10. Hello , I installed btsync on my raspberry pi . Everything was good . But today i noticed that its doesnt sync any more . ( See the attached ss pls ) . First folder " /media/2tb-460C8DA80C8D9419/tv " is on the same network with raspberry . 2nd and 3rd folder is at another location . Yesterday 2nd and 3rd was running great . When i check windows btsync client i dont see any connected device . Both computers are online . I double checked secrets . The most important issue is i tried to reboot and check if it will work . When i rebooted there is no folders in btsync gui . But the files sync before is still in folders . If i add manually again its start sync without problem . How can i fix that ? Edit : After a few minutes i saw the folders in gui . But still no Connected devices with 2nd and 3rd folder . Edit 2 : I've made btsync gui password protected , but after reboot it didnt ask any password ?
  11. Hi guys, I've been using Bittorrent Sync for a while to Sync my Pictures folder on my computer to the camera folder on my tablet, and that works beautifully. Today I decided to sync a completely different folder on my desktop and my laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all whatsoever. My laptop and tablet still communicate just fine with the original share (so I guess I can assume it's not a firewall issue) but I opened port 3000 and 3838 on my firewall as I've read others doing on this forum, and still no dice. Basically what happens is that the "connected devices" field in the web console never shows a connected computer. Both computers are syncing with the same sync key I generated. The OS is Linux. It does index the files just fine. Just the two computers seem to never see each other. Here are a couple of reasons I suspect may be the cause, maybe I'm right or it's something different altogether. 1.) The folder on my laptop I'm syncing has 5GB of files in it, and the matching folder on the desktop has about 40GB in it. I was thinking Bittorrent Sync would merge them and make them the same. Maybe it doesn't do that? 2.) Perhaps my firewall is blocking my desktop and laptop from communicating. My tablet uses Wifi through the same network so I wouldn't think it would be a firewall issue but you never know. My pictures sync shows my tablet connected but my new sync shows no device connected. 3.) I used the sync key on a different laptop for a short time, but have since deleted the sync on that machine. Perhaps Bittorrent Sync is limited to just two computers?
  12. Just discovering BitTorrent Sync and I am delighted. Really great work! With the Android App and autosync disabled, I can see all the files in the sync folder. Files will be copied to the device when clicked and will appear in the device tab. A tick mark will appear in the all files tab. That is great because you will normally not want all your sync folder copied to your (reduced storage) mobile device. My question is: how can I remove the file from the device but keep it in the sync folder? That is, how I get back to the point when I see the file in the "all files" tab but it is not in the "in device" tab? If I delete the file from the device using a file manager it will get synced and deleted from the sync folder as well. I suggest the following additional functionality to the Android App: 1. Multiple selection capabilities in "device" and "all files" tabs, through long tapping for example. 2. In all files tab, options to dowload (already present for all files in the folder), delete and ignore a file or folder (ignored files/folders will not be synced even if autosync is enabled. Ignored files/folders are tagged with a distinctive icon). When files/folders are ignored and a local copy exists, ask the user if he/she wants to delete the local copies. 3. In device tab (and all files tab if file is also in the device), additional option "delete from device only" that will remove the selected files/folders from the device but not from the sync folder. Again, thanks for this great application. jorge.