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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! I'm new to ResilioSync, and I have a few questions. I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64, using Resilio 2.4.2. Is there still a way to determine if a connection is being made via Direct as opposed to via Internet/Relay? I gather that in the past there were icons that indicated this, but I'm not clear on where I would be seeing those if they are in fact present. In my Peers list I don't see any icons currently. My Peers are reachable via a VPN connection, and so in theory should get treated as Local (which is what I want). However, sometimes the VPN goes down. During that time I assume that Resilio will switch to connecting via the Internet/Relay (as I've currently allowed for that in my settings). What I'm wondering is, will Resilio periodically try again to connect via Local/Direct? My preference is that it would switch back to Local/Direct as soon as Local is available again, but I'm wondering if it is built to (or if there is a way to configure it to) automatically do that? Note that I am okay with it connecting via Internet/Relay temporarily -- I just want it to revert to Local/Direct and give preference to that when possible (ie, I don't want to it switch to Internet and then never switch back to Local/Direct). Thanks!
  2. Hello Guys, It seems that i can't establish a direct connection between two windows pc's over the internet. I manage both firewall's and enabled portforwarding in both directions. Situation: Default are all outgoing ports blocked on both firewalls PC1 at work: [work wan ip]:50158 > portforward from wan to LAN ip port 50158 (source all) > outgoing port to 19733 (and 3000) accepted (destination all) PC2 at home: [home wan ip]:19733 > portforward from wan to LAN ip port 19733 (source all) > outgoing port to 50158 (and 3000) accepted (destination all) upnp is disabled on both sync clients. I just did a succesful telnet test from home to [work wan ip] 50158. Attached are the logs with the following options checked: - Use relay server when required - use tracker server As you can see i replaced ip adresses and keys. Is there something i am missing here? Thanks in advanced! synclog.txt