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Found 2 results

  1. At this page: it describes how one can set the default mode for a device to "Disconnected". I did that in order to manually specify the folder location when connecting - as described in the article. However, when I did so and then added an Android Backup folder, it was immediately Connected and immediately began sync'ing. Luckily, I also found this article: Where I learned that I can move the target folder to where I actually want it to be. So I have a clumsy work-around, but I thought the Devs should know of the bug so it can be fixed.
  2. Hi there! Sync 2.0 seems to be working so far...after quite a challenging setup for three pc's and two Android devices. Thanks to the developers for all the work! If, after updates, this keeps on working like how I set it up, I would buy the software. One thing though, I notice that no matter what settings I fondle with, when I share folders, with "disconnected" setting by default, other linked devices can always add those folders to sync, without me having to give them permission. Even though I select that permission is required. My setup is the following: PC 1 shares folder "shared" with PC 2, and Android 1 & 2, read/write. PC 1 shares folder 1 with Android 1. PC 2 shares folder 2 with Android 2. Also I like two-way sync backup of the camera folder of the two Androids. Android 1 camera to PC 1. Android 2 camera to PC 2. This was a little tricky. I had all the pictures on the PC already via USB (which turned out to be necessary to get my desired setup working). I then renamed the DCIM\Camera folder to DCIM\Camera_old. If I would not do that, when adding the desired PC's folder for the camera sync via QR code to the Android camera folder, it would give an unknown error. So I created the camera folder over again on the Android, and pumped back the pictures from the PC to that folder, for both PC 1 & Android 1, and PC 2 & Android 2. Ok, no problem. At least I got it working. And tomorrow I'll setup a network backup with a backup PC, PC 3. I'll have PC 1 backup folder "shared", folder 1, the Android 1 Camera folder, and it's Lightroom database & pictures with backup PC 3. And PC 2 will backup folder 2, the Android 2 Camera folder and it's Lightroom database & pictures also to backup PC 3. Only thing is, PC 2 can, without PC 1's intervention, automatically connect to the default disconnected folder 1 and the Android 1 Camera folder of PC 1. And in turn PC 1 can also automatically connect to folder 2 and the Android 2 Camera folder of PC 2. The Androids can also connect to the disconnected folders. I would like this not to be possible. Any tips? Thanks in advance!