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Found 2 results

  1. Many of us are using Sync as a Dropbox replacement. The problem is that without an external peer (= physically external to my home that can be burglarized, burned, etc.), there is no true backup. I'm considered renting a box on OVH/AWS/Digital Ocean etc. but that's super expensive. One solution is peer to peer backup: I send you an key (with encrypted permission only, of course), you send me yours, and we both serve as the other remote backup. The problem now is that I have to find a "peer" to do that. Ideally I want to roughly match the data size and the bandwidth as well ("live" folder as opposed to long term archive that rarely changes). Has anybody heard about such a community? Maybe based around a simple website that would match peers. If not, what features do you think would important? Is there any major issue I forgot? Thanks, A.
  2. Hello... I just found out about BitTorrent Sync this evening and I'd like to inquire whether this would be a good option for external storage space for my computer setup. First, I am using Windows Vista 64 Home Premium. I am also running a security program called "Deep Freeze" developed by Faronics. In case you don't know what Deep Freeze is, here is the developers description: Of course this is a bit of a sales pitch, rather than a more appropriate description which would be that it's a system restore tool that automatically restores every single computer setting, every bit and byte, back to its previous state upon each reboot, regardless of the changes or installations. The only way to secure data on the computer permanently is to boot the computer into "thawed" mode. This is something I almost never do. I run a lot of programs from external drives or remote servers as "portable" because of this (obviously it's hard to install new programs and I want to minimize how much I have to do that). It's not much of a hassle, really, but the reward is great. Rewards include: I don't use virus / malware scanners (haven't for years). I don't have to do a "Clean Disc". I don't have to "clean my cache". I don't have to defrag my disc. I don't have to worry about data corruption. I don't have to worry about forced updates to software. I can restart almost all trial software as well. The only thing I need in addition to Deep Freeze is a good firewall and some anti-keylogging software. Other than that, my computer is almost bulletproof. I intentionally install suspicious software on it all the time and never once have I been worried. So my questions for you guys is: Will BitTorrent Sync be a good option for me to extend my external storage space? Because, let's say I put a document in BitTorrent Sync, I am assuming that other people are going to be downloading and sharing this file with a lot of people, though they'll be unable to read it. But once I restart my computer, I will have to reinstall BitTorrent Sync again to use it, and likewise the document won't exist locally anymore on my computer. What will happen when I run BitTorrent Sync? Will it automatically fill up that folder with the files I originally put up for Sync and can I choose when to sync specific files? Also, will those files be encrypted in the folder, or only in the p2p cloud? I hope I haven't confused anyone out there. If I need to reiterrate, let me know. Thank you, Text Update: I went to install it just to try it out (since I can, worry free). And I cannot open the installer. It doesn't run at all. I double click and nothing happens. Here is the download link: And the size of the file I downloaded (3 times) was 870KB