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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - I have just found BitTorrent Sync and I am so happy! My question is - am I able to set up a sync to my D-Link DNS-320 NAS from my computers? I run a Toshiba A500 Laptop as a "main computer", doing a lot of computing work at home. I have a second Toshiba P850 Laptop as my "travelling" computer - which I take on-site for business. I would like to sync both Laptops to the NAS to provide a single source of files generated off both those laptops. I read the posting entitled Supported NAS (01 Feb 2013) but I don't understand most of what's posted. To be clear - I only want to sync from the Laptops to the NAS one way. Thanks in advance for any responses!
  2. Hello, I had setup bittoorent sync on my DNS-320 few weeks ago based on the helpful instruction at here, (thanks for providing the info) Everything worked very well for few weeks and all of sudden the web gui does not open again. Any hint where to start troubleshooting? Many thanks! F.
  3. hi guys, I'm trying to finish my btsync configuration on my DNS-320 but I'm really stuck in the autostart script. I've been able to install the fun_plug, the btsync and I'm ready to synchronize but each time that I power off the nas..... i have to do telnet, login as root again and type ./btsync I've been during two days digging in the forums and google trying to find the solution but... I've not been able to make it works, so here I am asking for help. I'm almost sure that my problem is that I don't really understand how does it work, a bit noob with this kind of systems Maybe anyone with this NAS and a bit of patience can help me? Thank you!!