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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, I appologize if this has been asked before; I didn't find anything. I am trying to find specific documentation on the settings generated by the btsync --dump-sample-configcommand in linux. I want to understanding these various settings out of curiousity, and I am also trying to make sure of something else: <stupid questions> How can I be sure btsync is set up properly to transfer using the local network directly when possible instead of over the internet? (I still want it to transfer over the internet, just the local network should take priorety.) Also, will this local transfer still work when one device(raspberry pi) is hooked up via ethernet and the other device(laptop) is hooked up via wifi throught the same router, or will it go through the internet? </stupid questions> If someone can point me towards documentation or answer my stupid questions, I will be grateful. Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to understand all the various advanced options, etc., and the Get Started page is frankly raising more questions than it answers. Is it possible that somebody could take another pass at this with an eye to being clear and explicit? I'll just cite a couple of examples: If what you call "secret" is actually the master secret, why not call it "master secret"? It would eliminate some possible confusion. "All the folders added with this secret will be granted a full set of permissions for two-way synchronization" seems needlessly complex. How about "All folders added with the master secret will be kept in sync"? Also, it's not clear whether more than one folder on a machine can be synced with the same master secret.
  3. Hi, this question might sound weird at first so some background about me: I study a Master in Distributed Computing in my second semester. We have one lecture about different distributed systems and overlay networks where we basically read papers, discuss the technologies and present new things. I wanted to have my presentation about BitTorrent Sync because I believe that it would interest my course mates and our professor. We have been already talking about BitTorrent as such and (Live)Streaming over BitTorrent, so this topic would fit. However I couldn't find any more materials except - Info/Get Started/Technology - on the website. Do you maybe have any more detailed documentation on how the system works, or do you know about some paper published about it, ...? Thank you very much Cheers