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Found 3 results

  1. I'm looking for a working solution for a current use case that I have. I run Risilio Sync between two remote locations keeping six various directories in sync. This works very well for the normal amount of files that are added/modified on a regular basis. Every few months there will be a large amount of new files or modifications to files (~1TB) that will originate in one directory or another. Due to the limitations of the WAN speed, this sync could take weeks or months, long enough that the sync wouldn't complete before having another large file dump to sync. Is it possible to copy the directory from the source machine to an external drive and use rsync (linux rsync not Risilio Sync) on the destination directory to add/replace the folders and files in the destination directory, and then resume Risilio Sync operations to keep the directories in sync after that? I will say that I've attempted this procedure a couple of times now, but I fear that I've been copying files that perhaps I shouldn't be to the external drive, like the .sync directory. Perhaps there is an order of operations that would allow this to work successfully. I'm just curious if anyone has tried something like this with any success. Pulling the storage server from Site A to visit Site B for a couple of days for a local sync is hard on the back as it's quite heavy. Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
  2. Hello, I tried searching the forum but for some strange reason not many topics on this matter. I am trying to add a folder to share that is on a network share i have mapped to the computer. This folder resides on my NAS where all my storage is. In the UI it only shows the C: drive and never my mapped drives. When i try to manually type in the file path i get an error "You do not have permissions to write to this directory." even though i do have sufficient access. Any help would be appreciated. I cant see this as a limitation as i would think lots of people use NAS storage for their data. - Joshua
  3. Hi! Could you please tell me, if I have synced folder on an external drive and I swap that drive with another with same volume name but not same amount of files in synced folder (for example fewer), will Btsync decide that those files were deleted and will remove them from other devices, or it will sync missing files back from other devices? I mean, for example I have external drive named "Brick" and have synced folder on it. Btsync path is /Volumes/Brick/sFolder sFolder contains 10 files and synced with another computer. I swap "Brick" with another drive, also named "Brick", so path /Volumes/Brick/sFolderstays the same, but sFolder contains 8 files. Will Btsync delete 2 files from another computer, or it will download those files from another computer? Thanks! Sorry for grammar mistakes.