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Found 10 results

  1. Can I use this software to create daily backups and sync to multiple locations at the same time? Example: Anything that gets saved or created on my devices, I would like Resilio to sync/backup these files to cloud services and a PC I use as a NAS. Thank you.
  2. Now that encrypted folders are part of BTsync, it would be great to have affordable options for setting up cloud peers. I'd love to see the option to connect to many of the various cloud storage services out their via their APIs. My personal favourite (due to cost) is B2. $5/month per TB is pretty hard to argue with. The challenge is getting my BTsync encrypted folder onto B2, a process that currently requires a separate VPS and some CLI magic. It would be great if there were a simple, built-in way to go about this. Besides B2, there's Dropbox, Google, S3 etc. etc. etc. - many options open up once this functionality is available. To hold off the naysayers... yes, you can spin up your own VPS or host a NAS somewhere. Those are great options. This adds to those options for something more redundant, affordable and geography-less.
  3. I'm thinking of downloading Resilio Sync, but I have a few questions first. Basically, what I'd like to be able to do is use Resilio Sync to keep my local My Documents folder synced with either a Cryptomator or Veracrypt vault stored in my local cloud folder (be it for Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). In more detail, what I'd like to do is drag copies of individual files and file folders that I'd like to keep backed up into my Cryptomator/Veracrypt vault and have any changes I make to the local version of those files synced with the copies stored in the vault. I don't want to work directly out of Cryptomator or Veracrypt, I still want to be able to work with my files locally. I want all of this to be done automatically for me - I've heard that some sync tools have the ability to periodically unlock your Cryptomator or Veracrypt vaults in order to sync changes between the files inside the vault and the local copies of those files. I'm wondering if Resilio Sync has this capability. If Resilio Sync can do what I just described, I'd also like to know how Resilio Sync functions with blocked permissions. I really don't like how Resilio Sync is closed-source, but I'd still like to try it out because I've heard its so user friendly and well maintained compared to most of the competition. When I want to use closed-source software but don't feel entirely comfortable with the privacy implications though, I'll sometimes set up a firewall rule to block outbound connections for that software. If I do this with Resilio Sync, will it still function properly, considering that I'm looking to sync between files and folders technically stored on the same machine? I can't imagine why Resilio Sync would need to be able to ping home if all the syncing I'm doing is done on the same machine. Also, I've heard some talk of Resilio Sync having issues with randomly deleting files. Are these claims unfounded? If not, are the deleted files simply moved to the recycle bin? I just got a little nervous reading about this. Does it sound like Resilio Sync is a good fit for my needs? Thanks for any help.
  4. I have one fast startup SSD disk, with less space and one larger slower disk. It would be great being able to sync both of these on different disks. At the moment, I can share a folder on the fast SSD to other computers, but it will appear on the default location. In the future, it would be a great feature just to right click on the folder and choose a new location for it. Think I will have to use 1TB Dropbox now for the SSD and use Resilio Sync for the big disk...
  5. guys, new here. kinda a computer noob. need a bit of help to set up My story: have about 70gb on dropbox, but 50gb is expiring soon have 30gb on onedrive (missed the 200gb promo earlier this year) I use cloud mostly to keep my music library in sync (about 40gb) Using Samsung Note 3, rooted currently sync with "folder sync" app What I want to achieve with bt sync: Sync music to my android sd [oneway from computer] (that means if I mess up the files in the phone, it won't affect my collection on my computers) Upload camera pictures to computer not really a backup so that i can delete photo on my phone and won't affect the files on desktop and the other way around, so maybe stick with drop box for now. have 2-3 computers, but shouldn't be a problem once everything is set up. Planning to get a NAS when everything set up and running. My attempts: For music, I don't seem to be able to choose the save location to save it on my sd card and the version 1.4 doesn't seem to work the way i wanted. For picture, I don't have clear indication of when the pictures are uploaded. and bt sync doesn't seem to sync on my phone and computer if it's not active running. Is there a sync all button
  6. Quota support could be the owncloud or dropbox killer feature btsync needs. I know that btsync is not a dropbox or owncloud service type, but could be easy implemented with a quota support enabled client. A Linux BOX with btsync enabled can share multiple folders to multiple users with different quota on each folder. I hate owncloud client but love btsync client. I think that quota is the next great feature to add on btsync¡¡
  7. Hello, We are a Software Development Shop that uses file synchonization in order to develop on Windows and automatically sync source code changes to our linux servers and reload our development servers automatically. We've been using Dropbox for months, and recently decided to give BitTorrent Sync a try and we noticed that it takes for Dropbox usually 5 to 10 seconds max to sync changes to the server whereas BitTorrent Sync takes about 15 - 20 seconds. We think that the problem actually is not due to data transfer protocol latency but due to the Windows file watcher taking more time to pick up changes. We reached this conclusion observing the BitTorrent Sync system tray icon and it's notifications. We'll be happy to cooperate to try and resolve the issue as we love BitTorrent Sync and the flexibility it provides and would love to move over. Thanks, Ronen
  8. Hello BitTorrent Sync! First off! Thank you for pushing the norms of the WORLD! Keep it up! I would like to request a small change to the permissions for Syncing. I would like a feature resembling the old FTP incoming directory. A directory that when you dump stuff into it, it will sync to the other devices. After the Sync however, the local files can be deleted (automatically?) without affecting other sync devices. This would mean that if 3 computers have a full access secret and one has a write-only secret corresponding to the same files, the directory of write-only could be used to push files to the other 3 computers without having to occupy space itself. Hope this is clear! Thanks for listening!
  9. Curious if anyone's tried using Sync on a folder inside your dropbox folder, or perhaps more specifically, on a folder which has a symlink pointing to it from inside your dropbox folder. I have an always on desktop mac which receives my photos from my camera, and I currently have the photos uploaded to dropbox in order to sync to my laptop. I'm wondering if I were to additionally set up Bittorrent Sync to get direct P2P sync between the desktop and laptop prior to the desktop completing its initial upload to dropbox, would this result in any subsequent syncing conflicts for either DB or Sync. Just curious if anyone has tried something similar and if there were any issues.
  10. This is a suggestion. Why not make apps for dropbox and / or as well that way you can share / sync to your dropbox or box as well?