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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I need to get rid of duplicate Bittorrent sync folders, if i go to the Bittorrent Sync Mother folder at the top of the hiearchy, I have 2 of every folder that I am trying to sync, inside each is only the placeholder files, however bittorrent sync is only installed once. What can i do to safely delete the duplicate folders without deleting all my data from the shared folders, (which are also on another device and I'm afraid if I delete the placeholders that they will remove the files from the other device. Thanks J
  2. I am trying to sync LARGE folder from a Windows Machine to any other device (at the moment a Raspberry Pi with a USB Drive, but if I get this working it will be any other device). Large is just shy of 3TB. My thinking was that while I have access to USB I could pre-sync the folder by simply copying files over and then running BTSync to mirror any additional changes. Sync of course wanted to overwrite every file on the Pi. I am assuming due to changes in the file attributes triggering sync to replace them. Trying to use Sync across the lan will take roughly a Month and is outside the bound
  3. I've been testing out a particular solution and it seems pretty legit, but any clarification or insight is appreciated. I have a source server that will be dropping small XML files into a BTSync folder. There are 5 destination machines with full access keys and each will sync to shared folder (UNC path) on 6th another machine. Another application will be consuming the XMLs from the UNC path, deleting them from the folder. The objectives: 1) the XMLs make it to the shared folder from the source 2) the XMLs are consumed only once by the XML pickup (i.e., they can sync multiple times, as lo