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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to recover from an extraordinary glitch in the way Sync is working with my computers. All are running Windows 10. All have the latest promoted build of Sync. I started to notice about a month ago that in some of the folders where I store images, .Conflict files were appearing. I would delete them only to find that they came back. In the past week, the issue has gone nuts. I did a search for "conflict" in File explorer to find I had over 67,000 conflict files. These were all duplicates of files that I hadn't edited in months, so it should not have been the case of files being edited and the change not being captured properly. In most instances, files were being duplicated many, many times. In some instances, I had over 900 duplicates of the same file. It wasn't unusual to see files duplicated over 500 times. I've had to disable Sync as my hard drives were being consumed. After checking carefully, I deleted the conflict files, which cumulatively consumed over 300Gb of space on each of the three machines. I have to ask, is this a bug? If not, what am I doing wrong? I've been using Sync for about 2 years, without a hitch, but this issue is awful. Thanks in advance, Brian Shaw
  2. Maybe someone can give me some settings to change. I was hoping to use BT sync as a replacement for Cubby DirectSync however so far it is not working out for me. *Problems* I edited the ID3 tags of several MP3 Expected outcome: My changes would be synced across both computers Actual outcome: Every MP3 edited created a brand new copy. Now I have 2 mp3s for each MP3 edited. [*]I deleted some MP3s from the secondary computer. Expected outcome: They would be removed from both synced folders. Actual outcome: They were re-downloaded to the computer I deleted them from. Just as another minor complaint. The error log is nuked each time you restart so i was not able to grab it to attach. Thanks guys. I think it has something to do with the max_file_size_diff_for_patching setting or something but I didn't want to mess with the default settings until I heard your guys opinion. I would think the behavior in the default state would be to sync and not to serve as version control. I'm probably just doing something wrong. Thanks in advance.