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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have just recently been recommended Resilio Sync as I have a production company based in London, but I will be personally moving overseas and keeping the London studio open...So I would like to still be able to view, edit and update existing edits as they occur in London using my guys there. Adobe have announced Team Projects which allows for this type of collaboration but no release date, so I was told about this option. I have done some quick tests and it seems to work reasonably well, but I was just wondering if anyone out there has done this type of setup and if you have any workflows you could recommend. Resilio has an case study on it's site but was just seeing if anyone had any more details. My thought on a workflow would be, someone in the London studio would ingest/transcode the media into proxies through a Premiere project, then sync the Proxies folder to Resilio as well as the project that they created. I would then sync to this folder in my location and then do a "save as" of this project and then I guess downlaod the proxies to a working hard drive that I use to edit from. I do the edit, send to the client etc and once approved, sync the final project to Resilio, so back in London they pick it up and relink to the high res media and export. If I'm way off base, and missing many steps, I apologise in advance but any help would be very much appreciated. Most of our projects are short form web based with 1-3 days shooting so there isn't bucket loads of media but if we are shooting 4K then file sizes will be high so I am looking for a good HD / 4K workflow using Sync and Premiere thanks!
  2. Hello! I am a new Sync convert and am enjoying using it to share my pdf library between my Mac and iPhone. The only hiccup so far is that I would like to be able to read an annotate the pdfs on both devices, and have these edits synced between them. Sync's inbuilt pdf reader doesn't seem to annotation capabilities, so I'm wondering whether it's possible to access the files in my Sync folders with another app that can do annotation, and then save them back into the Sync folder. Or is there some simpler solution that I haven't thought of? Thanks and best wishes!
  3. Hey all. I work primarily in Avid MC on commercials, and most post houses are running some flavor of ISIS. It's great to have multiple editors working together, and easy access for assistants. So, one thing I wonder, if there could be a way to emulate how ISIS manages it's projects and database files over a BTSync system. Aaron Cohen, I just happened to stumble across a blog entry that mentioned you working at Avid. Maybe you have some insight into this. Seems like a team could easy set up a system like this up, assuming the media management system worked. The projects are small and easily updated, as are the database files. The media files are substantially beefier, yes. But a lot of project could sync their MXF overnight. Or even just ship a drive if it's too large and time sensitive, then you have two (or three, or four) sides already mirrored and BTSync would just be maintaining sync. Other companies like EditShare already have hardware/software that can use the shared project system (bin locking and unlocking, database maintenance). Why couldn't BitTorrent Sync have a way of doing this as well?