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Found 5 results

  1. Sync apps for iOS and Android works great as a reader, which in turn makes Sync the perfect tool to publish an ezine. It provides anonymity for readers as there are no cookies involved and the content is encrypted between devices. Of course, the downside is that an ezine or a blog published using Sync will not be easily found via a search engine. Kind of like how a BBS worked. It usually got spread through word of mouth. I haven't published anything yet, but I am planning to give it a go. If you're interested in contributing, have a look here:
  2. Hi all, I'm a network administrator at the International School of Hamburg. Your software is amazing, we were using it for a year while it was free for us. Now we have to update to the 2.0 version but it means that we have to buy a license and update it every year. Do you have a special conditions for schools and universities, educational programs, etc? We'd love to continue using your amazing soft, but 40 dollars per identity is too much for our school. Regards, Sergey.
  3. Bittorrent hack - Virtual Private Network It always annoyed me a little, that sync providers have the mindset: “Either it all goes here, or it goes there…” Fact is I want remote control over my files from any device at any time, so this is the specification of how I have created my own VPN using BitTorrent Sync running as an OS agnostic background service… A Network Attached Storage. I have a 3Tb NAS with five folders: /BTsyncApp//BTsync/catalogue/BTsync/files/BTsync/shared/BTsync/devices/BTsyncApp contains the server application. It is not synchronized using BTsync. It is just the application
  4. Hi, One of the issues I have is that my upstreem speed on ADSL etc... even cable is very slow, but I do own multiple unlimited internet connections e.g. 3 mobile phones, 2 ADSL lines and a cable scattered across various places, maybe even more at some point. So what I would like to be able to do is use those internet connections (which I can do in with various tethering methods for instance) but only have one machine/file server at each home point.... Obviously when I sync across more machines with more connections the speed will naturally go up, but it's using the mobile broadband as well
  5. I am looking for a note app to replace the about-to-be-cancelled Notespark app on my iPod 4G. The instructions from Notespark are: 'In addition to the CSV file export we have always supported, we've now implemented a way of exporting your notes as a .zip file of text files organized into folders for your tags. We recommend that you export your notes as a .zip file and import them into an alternative product, such as Evernote, which is free, or one of the many Dropbox-based notes apps (e.g., Notesy, Nebulous, Write, PlainText). To export your notes, sign in to and click "Ex