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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have been having problems with disappearing/deleted files in folders. Folders that previously contained multiple text files and images, suddenly contain no files at all. I now have many empty folders. I use my Time Machine backup to find the files again and restore them, or I find the files in the archive folder. This is not always possible and leads to complete loss of data and is very frustrating. I also find several files that are 0 KB. This seems to happen especially to .pages files and not to .doc files. There again I need to use my Time Machine backup or archive folder to restore the files when possible. I have been a happy BtSync customer for several years but now these critical bugs in the last months are very alarming with our work data. Please help!
  2. I'm having this problem and don't know how to go about diagnosing it. Hope someone can give some pointers. I have 5 computers, all of them Ubuntu (one 15.04, the rest 14.04.02), sharing a quite large folder (~50G size, ~150000 files). Clocks are properly synchronized now, they weren't in the past (with differences under 2 minutes) but after fixing that the issue still happens (and besides I think small clock differences aren't critical). Of these computers, only one is a laptop being sometimes off, the rest are always running. Btsync is from the unofficial server repo: $ wajig policy btsync btsync: Installed: 2.0.0-2 The symptoms are of two kinds: after some time, a deleted folder tree reappears but without files. This, per se, is a nuissance but not that serious. However, I've recently noticed that changes in files are being rolled back. I see this clearly in some mercurial repos within the folder. After making sure the repos .hg folder is up-to-date with an off-site upstream repository, my local files show changes that are exactly their state before the last commit. I.e., their last changes have been lost. I've enabled debug logs. One question would be, will these logs tell me from which computer originates the rollback for a particular file? Also, any suggestion for a methodic diagnostic? Every time I've tried to trigger this behavior manually I've miserably failed. Thank you!