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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: Could not find something similar as a request, however, I've also put not much effort in searching the forums exhaustively. Example: I've got plenty of disk space and plenty of network bandwidth and am willing to share this with my family. So I'd like to provide them with a btsync solution. However, since we in our family are all bordering to clinical paranoia , my brother does not want to store his files in clear text form on my storage AND I do not want to be able to read them. (Hell knows what he is putting on MY disks, I really am not interested in his weird fairytale fetish ) Is it possible to have a new type of secret which allows me to sync the files for him but store them in an encrypted way? This would also be interesting for people who have some rack-space or server somewhere and want to utilize the space without running the risk of getting their private data compromised when for some reason the machine (virtual or not) falls in the wrong hands. (yes this could be accomplished with another form of disk encryption) Anyone second this option? PS: Check this related topic too: Quota Support