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Found 5 results

  1. I recently did a contract with a Fortune 500 client that requires SAS 70 Type II, SSAE 16, ISAE 3402, and/or SOC2/3 certifications amongst other guarantees like 99.9% SLAs and so on and so forth when working with external vendors. Moving data securely is always a sensitive issue. The company required AES256 at rest and during data transmission. BT Sync (now Resilio) only currently supports AES-128, which is problem number one, but I still floated BT Sync for transmitting large assets that weren't mission critical. During a security review legal called attention to a clause in Resilio's Terms o
  2. Hi all – I’m looking for a replacement for an antiquated (and slow) nfs configuration that we use for our servers (about 40 total, but several different volumes) and am testing some different software including lsyncd, csync2, syncthing, and btsync. I haven’t seen a lot of lan-only or enterprise threads here but maybe that discussion has been limited moreso between clients and support. I’m hoping you guys could offer some insight. First let me list the things I’m looking for: 100% internal – no access to an external tracker and i want no discovery/broadcast traffic of any sort.
  3. Adding CMIS (1.1) server capability to BTSync Business Edition would open it up to an interesting enterprise use. If you have an ECM service in your organization, it is very likely that it can talk CMIS. Such systems could talk to a local BTSync node with CMIS listener for replicating their repositories locally, but then the BTSync node coud be part of a cluster of nodes, located on premises and/or in cloud, that could cheaply allow achieving the planned repository replication quorum/goal.
  4. Hi people, I'm Diego, work on Conexia and I love Sync! I'm here to talk about the use of bysync to copy the back ups (and other stuff) from a lot of client to a central server where the files goto a tape. At this moment, I have 5 CentOS clients sending files to a Windows 2008 R2. All the btsyncs apps are working as a service. All the CentOS have one shared folder (all by config file) Windows only have RO Secrets (configured by the GUI) Additionally, i formatted the volume for the shared folders into 64K to reduce the IO. Please, let me know what you think and how to get it better.
  5. Hi. I had just read about BitTorrent Sync and really needed to try this. If this SyncApp would focus a bit more on Enterprises, this could be a little tool that lots of system engineers would like! Our company has about 100 employees, 50 internal, 50 on the road. Currently, the people on the road need to establish a VPN connection over a 3G mobile internet stick so they can access 'their' files. These files are on a fileserver with folder based ACL's on each folder (/project). A quick look tells me we have 237 active projects. Each of those folders is assigned to an owner but every one of thos