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Found 3 results

  1. Hi What is current best practice for syncing existing folders? I note that Sync puts a 'system folder' in the folder being shared.....if I setup a Sync share (creating the Sync system folder), then copy across the content outside sync (USB connected directed to source) and copy the payload would Sync see the content as synced? I think it should....... Cheers, Geoff.
  2. Hi all, I refer to 2.0 product version. This is the scenario: I have an android device and a pc desktop. The devices are linked. 1) For sync purpose I can choose a folder on pc and on android i see the creation of a folder that i can connect, but this folder has to be a new one, it is NO possible to choose a folder in android that already exist.. why? I would like sync and link a new folder in desktop and a folder in android that already exist. 2) Why is it no possible to start a new sync sharing from android device selecting a new folder, not one that was already configured with desktop client? My regards
  3. The Encrypted Secret seems to be only generated when not specifying an existing secret. For example: No existing secret: Api call:http://servername:port/api?method=get_secrets&type=encryptionApi output:{"encryption": "FCE6ZBKXODMDR5XON6I7QRSFGU3BEI24E","read_only": "ECE6ZBKXODMDR5XON6I7QRSFGU3BEI24EJVQGY6GK7T4YGM6UGB3RQCGHDQ","read_write": "DLQGN57I6UCYFR3SJD3PHYRYY5TOCMLVN"}Existing secret Api call:http://servername:port/api?method=get_secrets&secret=A3BJWM2TUJ6EB7YQS75JOUPHJBDOT6PQU&type=encryptionApi output:{"read_only": "BJMBVSDSJOTDQX47BKM5MEIC2B5N77FAA","read_write": "A3BJWM2TUJ6EB7YQS75JOUPHJBDOT6PQU"}Is this expected behaviour? The documentation does not state this explicitly. And, can encryption secrets be generated with custom generated secrets in base64? I.e., Longer secrets?