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Found 2 results

  1. What if there were a browser plugin that took some of the Project Maelstrom tech that was for uploading and downloading via BT Sync for computer neophyte user? I had drafted a longer post but my session timed out and I lost the information... Three basic functions of the extension: View BT Sync placeholders Download individual files to Downloads Folder Upload individual files to BT Sync Folder I have found that the effort for computer illiterate people, like some of my clients, to understand BT Sync, download, install, and use is too many steps. Also, some people may not be able to install BT Sync because they are not an administrator. If I understand correctly, browser extensions may not require admin privileges. The extension could basically be a downloads manager for BT Sync links. It would make is SUPER accessible for BT Sync users to send materials to non-users with limited effort.
  2. I use Hazel (basically a folder watch program) and BittorrentSync on two computers. I sync files between my a remote home computer and my laptop and when the sync is finished, move the file to a different directory. This really enables me to keep my laptop hard drive space clear and also do tasks like backup files, save to offline storage, etc. For instance, if I am taking a lot of photos I can put them in a sync directory and when my home computer (using hazel) sees they are finished syncing it will move them to a different directory that is not synced, clearing up the space on my laptop. I also do the reverse process, if I have something really large to download and I am on slow wifi while traveling, I do download on my home computer, then sync overnight to my laptop. I created many workflows like this. The main problem with this is determining when a file is finished syncing, so that hazel can do its automated processing: 1) Files - In the Beta Version, the extension of a syncing file was changed to .sync!, so I used that as my trigger to determine if a file was finished syncing. Once the extension was changed from .sync! to something else (.jpg, etc) hazel would trigger and process that file. However, in 2.0 the extension was changed to .BTS I think, but it doesn't seem to change the extension on every file. In a couple of tests I did on different file types and sizes, I didn't always get the .bts extension so hazel starts processing the fie too early. Should it be adding .bts to every file? Is there some other flag or notification I could use? 2) Folders - I haven't found a way to notify hazel that a folder is finished syncing in Beta or 2.0. Originally I was looking inside the folder and if I found any .sync! files I knew the folder wasn't finished. That worked but relied on all files to be in the directory from the beginning etc, otherwise it might process to early. How can I tell if a folder is finished syncing? I know the API might help with some of this, but now my workflow is broken after upgrading and paying for pro, so I at least want to get everything back to working again before I investigate further. Thanks