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Found 2 results

  1. For many users, the encrypted read-only syncing i a good way of backing up data on an untrusted loacation. If you accidently delete a file and the deletion is synced (happens quite fast!), its gone forever. Even if any encrypted file is retrieved via FTP (or any other way) from the Encrypted-only (F..) peer and you have all the Keys, it still cannot be decrypted. So, any virus / mistaken deletion is fatal. Also the use of the version history is not meant to be used with encrypted-only (F..) Peers. My scenario would be kind of a "TimeMachine" backup of the (F..)peer folder onto another HDD. But if i only store undecryptable material.... For more information: Thank you for consideration.
  2. Bug: fatal (installation program) I downloaded and ran BTSync.exe (md5sum 25f28dc590bf4bd651447c03e74cd159). I elected to install it on a Windoze XP machine, and made the installation directory a directory on a NAS which was seen by the OS as Z:\. When I was prompted for a directory to "sync," I chose to browse for one, got a list of drives and directories on my computer, and selected a directory, specifically one called Z:\XFER At this point a window popped up reporting the crash, and offering me to send in a report to the developers, which I hope it did. At this junction, I shall attempt to reproduce the error, following the same steps. Yes. The bug happens the same way (screenshot attached), however, this time, the installation program cycles back to the standard installation/I have a secret screen. I can then keep cycling to selecting a directory and crashing. I'll be happy to try it again when you fix the installation program, or to provide you with additional details to help you find out what went wrong, in case you did not receive a crash report from the installation program (I sent it twice).