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Found 4 results

  1. Linux currently has a crippled, Dropbox-like Selective Sync implementation that doesn't let me search for yet-to-be-synced files, unlike the Mac OS and Windows versions, which use placeholder files. It would be great if the Linux version handled selective with placeholders exactly in the same way as on other systems.
  2. Hi, I see there're many versions available for Synology NAS. The RT2600AC is not an NAS by design but it does share several similar features and similar OS as their NAS products. Currently I'm running Plex server & Cloud Station off of it using USB3 and it's working flawlessly. Is there a version of the Sync that's compatible with RT2600AC or can be easily modified(like the Plex server) for the RT2600AC? If not, any planned support for it? As it's fantastic router and it would be great to be able to run Sync on it.
  3. I was surprised when I found out it's impossible to delete subfolders from iOS version of Sync... I'd surely use it frequently if it was available... Hope to see it soon
  4. I am very surprised this question did not come up before. But I have looked in the archive and could not find it. With Bittorrentsync it becomes really possible to hold all the files I am not using in a single folder in a server somewhere, and then just download what I need. This would keep my laptop nice and empty and fast. Unfortunately such folder would end up being almost 1 terabyte, or more. I don't want to download the whole folder in my computer. But I know that it is possible to only download a single file with the mobile application. So it must be possible, at least in a theoretical way to do the same with the desktop application. Of course this would mean that through the desktop application I must be able to see the whole list of all the files, and all the directory structure, and the just ask to keep in this desktop synced a particular subfolder or some files. Is this possible? If not can I make a feature request? I think this would really increase the value of the application :-). Cheers, Pietro EDIT: grammar and little corrections