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Found 5 results

  1. HI when syncing it complete could it say synced or sync complete when it has finished. Instead of just transfer stopping. Because I usually have to go into the sync folder and check to see if there are any files still downloading. If anyone wants a dark theme for this forum here is a quick one I made. Or a dark theme for the web ui it is a global style but uses a uniqe selector so should not effect other sites. Would really like a dark theme for the windows application.
  2. It would be great if like the camera roll backup feature you could create an automated backup of a particular album. As an example you could have a documentation album and then you could share this with colleagues who would then have access to any images you add into that album.
  3. Hey guys, i want to ask for an public folder. Peoples can Search for files etc. Greetings Nemo
  4. I have a use-case where I have a server containing lots of storage which I don't use as a normal client most of the time. This server is the one where most of my files eventually end up, however I tend to acquire them on other devices. So this use-case is a feature I'd really like if BitTorrent Sync enabled. I would like to setup a directory on this server (and gain a secret for it) that when plugged into other devices would setup "transfer bins". They would work as following: Directory \\Server\dest is the destination directory, and the original directory existing on Server. Directory \\Client\outbox is a "transfer bin" created with the secret from the destination directory. The content of dest is never copied to output, so in that regards it's sort of a oneway sync, however, the difference being that instead of the original directory being the source, it's the destination of the files, and one can have multiple sources (not sure how one would manage conflicts though, maybe give a message on the client?). Another feature that this could hopefully include is optimally deleting the file (automatically) once it's been completely synced to the dest folder. So I could just drop files in to outputfolders on laptops etc. whenever I didn't need them on the client anymore, but still wished to keep the file, and they would just magically end up on the server and be deleted from the laptop. Anyways, if I manually have to delete them when the sync is done that's not too much of a hassle.
  5. Is there an option to change whether or no BT Sync will auto sync all files to a new device? If not i would like the option to turn on or off automatic sync, it's a cool feature for sending a specific size/amount of files to someone, but i would like the ability to see what's in a folder and choose what i'd like to pull rather than having the entire folder sync. Thanks for BT Sync. P.S. Im not sure if that feature was left out so as not to make it like a cloud service, but if it wasn't it would be nice to have.