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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I use BTSync at a number of my devices including one Synology NAS. I use everywhere the latest version of BTSync. At NAS I use eCryptFS encrypted folder that have a limitation for the maximum file name length. When I try to synchronize other devices with NAS I can't do that because of the file length limitation. I have some files on other devices with filenames that are longer than the limit for eCryptFS at Synology and BTSync infinitely tries to sync them with NAS. It looks like a permanent indexing and a queue of files from other devices. Unfortunately there is no way how can I limit the length of the filenames in IgnoreList. So... Is there other options for that do?
  2. I have a couple of files that aparantly won't sync. ONE says "file locked" the other that the filename is too long. However, I cannot find these offenders. BT sync does not seem to identify the file names, and I have no way of knowing how, among thousands of files, to know who the bad guys are? (I did do a basic file search for .lock, that was not helpful) Please help.
  3. Apparently bittorent sync on an android tablet distinguishes between capitalized and non-capitalized words in the file names. I am not sure whether this is an android thing or a bittorrent sync issue. It would be nice when BT sync is able to ignore this capitalization when sorting on an adroid device.