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  1. I have looked through all the documentation for a way to share a file with someone via email that allows the recipient to download the file without the need to install any software. This would allow one time sharing/sending of file from the repository without the need to download the client. I know there are many cloud file sharing applications like pcloud etc but I Resilio is a great product and extending with this one time share would be really useful. Additionally it would be great for the recipient to be able to send a file via email back to the (Resilio) sender without the need for
  2. I'm thinking about using BTSync to share software updates with people who have slow/erratic/intermittent internet connections, who rarely manage to stay online long enough to complete a really big download (as many of these updates tend to be). I've asked a few open source software developers (like Mozilla) if they'd be interested in using BTSync to distribute those files themselves (so people would always have access to the latest releases, without having to wait for me to a) notice, and b) download new versions. (The response of those developers that I've heard back from was "We can't be bot
  3. First of all, I'm sorry for the terrible english. I'm just posting here because I'm really desperate. So good night, my name is Marcelo and I'd like to know if any of you could help me. This is my story: Tonight I had my first experience with BitTorrent. I was choosing the folder that I wanted to sync but I clicked the wrong folder. That's OK until here... Well, my first reaction was deleting the folder, so it would stop syncing, but I realized that the original folder (that was on my HD) was also deleted. I couldn't find any way to recover these deleted files, and it isn't in the Trash fo
  4. Hello, i have a strange problem: I have to sync some files on a server with a remote co-worker. So i decided to use Resilio. The problem is that whenever he connects using the Shared Key R/W , some of the files in that folder disappear, and there's no log or anything Can you help me?
  5. The German computer magazine "Mac & i" just published a story about the problems many cloud services encounter while syncing Mac files (05-2017). The review includes Resilio Sync 2.4.5 - take a look.
  6. Indeed the recycle bin, and using Windows Explorer to look in folders; the programs you used are not designed to search for files; especially programs like Elements, which uses a catalog is not what you need now. Moving files confuses PS Elements organiser enough to make it seem like you lost files, while they're actually there. When things go wrong, use the basic tools provided in Windows itself (explorer, search). For file recovery programs, I've use Software for Recovering Deleted Files on a few occassions; it's free and it works as good as can be expected. The main thing is to stop using t
  7. Hi, on my Linux install of BTSync, in my phone camera backup directory most of the files are in the .sync/Archive directory. What is this for and why are they in there? Thanks, Jamie
  8. I was working on a big multi-file project with my friend over at his computer. this project was synced. after I returned home he calls me and says half of the files are gone. I tell him to look his history and the last thing he has is finished syncing. (the 33 minutes ago is 23:21) at the same time i look at my history and what I've got is a list of all the files deleted by him at 23:18. There is nothing about it in his history. I go into archive and there's a few old files from days earlier and one from today from 23:18, however in actuality it's a version from the day before.
  9. Hi, I'm having an issue with a folder syncing music files between two laptops, two desktops all on Sync 2.3.3 and two android devices (phone Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1 & tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Android 5.0.2 and Sync 2.3.5). I have MP3 files on a desktop, that I want to be able to play on both android devices, and have access to i.e. change/rename/move on the other desktops and laptops. Currently they are in a folder named Sync Music and all the devices above are linked, I have paid for a pro key. The problem is that on setting up they synced up fin
  10. A quit search of the forums did not turn up this issue, which is surprising as I've had it happen to my files frequently in the last 6 months or so. Specifically, it appends what appears to be logging information to files at random. An example can be found below. The first part is the real file (a rpm package spec file), but after the %doc line, random garbage appears. This corruption is generated on the host on which the file is altered, and propagates to every other host. <snip> rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libdir}/*.la %cleanrm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT %files%defattr(-, root, root)%{_libdir}/
  11. I have used BT Sync for a while now without issue. However, today, while out a friend contacted me to ask if I had deleted files from a shared folder we use to collaborate on his book ... I came back to find that my machine had deleted over 1TB of music (I'm a DJ) that I sync between two machines - a primary and a backup; all of the book files; a 'common' folder that I share between my machines and iPad and another I use to store images. Something went very seriously wrong today while I was out ... beware! I'm currently recovering files from a backup. Nightmare!
  12. Is there a way to move synced file between folders using the API only? I want to create an app using BTSync API for which this method is fundamental, but I cannot find it in the API reference. If it's not implemented yet, are there any plans to do it in the immediate future?
  13. Whenever I delete a picture on my PC, it indeed removed on my Android device, yet a 0 byte file of the same name remains. The same occurs in the other direction as well i.e. if I delete a file on my Android device, a 0 byte file of the same name remains. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is there any way to fix it? P.S. Yes, all of this is taking place in a synced folder I have synced on both devices using BitTorrent Sync.
  14. Nearly every time I copy files from my work server via Afp to a folder that is being synced by BT Sync my computer crashes halfway through and then restarts my computer. My computer does not do this when BT Sync is closed before I copy the files. Is anyone else having this issue and if so is there a fix? Mackbook Pro OS X 10.10.1 BT Sync 1.4 Thanks!
  15. Hello guys, I wonder why I am getting too many *.!sync files. My laptop (windows 8.1) is synced with my phone (android kitkat). I have folders from the laptop on read-only and read&write mode into my phone and I have folders from the phone on read-only mode into my laptop. (one question: is there anyway to put folders from the phone in read&write mode?) I realized that I got a bunch of .!sync files in my laptop. why? how can I fix that? Thanks!
  16. I just copied a bunch of folders with files and folders with more files inside into my shared folder. Was alarmed to learn that once the shared folder sync'd with one peer, all the files disappeared but the folder structure remained. Log files have lots of this: [20141213 18:45:37.212] FC[7408]: LoadTorrent: failed to load torrent for file "/Users/Shared/2013-4/bup/1993/ClipArt.EPRI/.bb.wkshp.Scans/24.klix"[20141213 18:45:37.212] TorrentFile: 0x000000010489a200 deleted[20141213 18:45:37.212] TorrentFile: 0x000000010489a200 created[20141213 18:45:37.212] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty su
  17. I'm using BitTorrent Sync for a month on two systems, syncing two complete hard drives (2 TB of data) over the internet. As of this week, it won't work as flawlessly anymore as it used to do with the previous version (using 1.4.103 now) Suddenly I noticed that it won't sync properly anymore. Only empty folders are synced, with no files in them (0 bytes)! The log doesn't show any problems, as if the files were correctly synced.. Also, files are not updates (the log says that they are) So: - Only creates empty folders, not the files - Does not update the files - False log.. Can I someho
  18. I have a Digital Ocean server running Bittorrent sync, I used that to torrent my podcast so I can help support/seed. I used torrent sync to sync the completed podcasts to my computers and phones. My server only had 20GB available so I need to delete the podcast every so often to make room for the new ones. But this deletes the podcast from my desktop and phones as well because they are synced with the server. Is there anyway to have my desktop"s Bittorrent sync ignore deleted files from the server? So I can keep an archive of the podcast on my desktop? At the moment I am using a Read only k
  19. I recently came across Bit Torrent Sync and started to wonder if this was the simple answer to a lot of our problems. So before I launch into questions, I'd like to explain our current setup.... Myself and a colleague in the USA, maintain a distribution system for delivering large video files of TV programmes to around thirty countries worldwide. These files range from 2GB to 20GB. At the moment we use a combination of Wuala and Google cloud services. Both cost money, can be buggy on downloading large files and don't really offer much in the way of logging file transfers, maintaining user list
  20. I am building a media server based on btsync folders. When getting the files via api-"get_files"-request, I get that folder on my server where the file is stores. And I can stream this file from my server via the filesystem. I was wondering, if there is a way to access the files from any device thats in my cloud. I don't see any possibility doing this in the API-docs.
  21. I have Sync running on a mac and sync running on a windows 8.1 machine. At least once a day I get random deletes of my files. Around half of my folders and files will be deleted. I will use time machine to restore the files then same thing will happen the next day. Please help really getting aggravated but at same time I love this app.
  22. Hi! One of the reasons I use BitTorrent Sync is synchronizing of games' saves between different computers. The problem is that some games perform saving very often, so. because of real time synchronization BitTorrent Sync is always busy with synchronizing of that files. Is it possible to switch off real time synchronization and use periodical one instead? There is an option "folder_rescan_interval" in Additional settings, but it seems that it does not influence the real time synchronization, it just performs folder rescan every 10 minutes by default.
  23. I found myself searching for another program to do this because Btsync doesn't allow me to enter a duplicate key for another folder. I'm a web developer and there are things that would be great to have in constant sync with all my folders such as plugins and frameworks, this would be a fantastic feature for btsync and would solve many issues of mine.
  24. I got it to do backup, which is nice, waiting for support for video and full resolution. I added another folder to sync which I planned on having music in, so I can sync the music to my phone when I want it more easily. The files synced, but I can't find them on my phone except for with the BTSync app, and there I can only play one file at a time, so that's a problem. Does anyone have any idea where I can find the files?
  25. Hello, I downloaded the Bittorent Sync yesterday and installed on my machine. I created a sync folder (already has content before). I gave my secret to my friend. He said he successfully got all my files. But today, when I woke up and started the BittorentSync, all of a sudden all my files are gone. Just the files, the folders are still in there. I asked my friend if he deleted the files in the sync folder but said no. I know it has not been deleted, and all my important files are gone. I don't where it goes.