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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Does btsync copy folder/files permission on remote server as well? Because I am using btsync on my NAS but its not copying permission to remote NAS it always set permission to root 755 where as permission are different(like: user 700) on local server.
  2. Hello Everyone, First of all I must say btsync is very good syncing tool. I have one question: I have 2 servers which are synced using btsync they have huge filesystem. If both server disconnect due to some reason and come up again for syncing will they sync only those files which were not synced last time or first they will compare their filesystem and then it will sync what is not present on other server? Summary: Does btsync compare file system everytime it come up for syncing after disconnection? May be I couldn't explain my question very well but I you don't understand then I will again try to explain some other way. Thank you
  3. Hello, Apologies if this has been addressed before (I could not find it in search). I have BTSync running on a Linux server acting as a NAS device. It's working great, except that new BTSync shares cannot be completely created from the web interface. The "Add Folder" button allows you to specify a secret and path to a folder. However, the folder must already exist on the filesystem (e.g. `mkdir`). BTSync will not create it if it does not exist. Is there any particular reason for this behavior? It seems that it would be more intuitive (and convenient) if BTSync could create folders (if filesystem permissions allowed) if they did not already exist. Thanks for creating BTSync, it's a neat tool!