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Found 3 results

  1. I am using BTSync for Synology. I think there is a bug in the history log that shows the wrong message. If you start to sync a folder with another device for the first time, and the other device includes some of the same files that are in the source, instead of stating "File already found, skipping download" or something to that effect, the warning message in the log is, "Failed to download <filename> - CheckOriginalFile: No such file or directory". Also, it would be very helpful in the History Log if the folder name was included along with the file name. Right now it just shows the file name that was synced, so you have no idea what folder it was from. These things are pretty minor, but probably worth fixing.
  2. As per the title I wish to sync user folders between pc's I have checked the ignorelist which filters desktop.ini, thumbs.db etc. If I want to prevent program shortcuts being synced, what do I need to add to the ignorelist to prevent these being synced across devices? Regards vi10
  3. Good evening, here is my simple question: is it possible to write in SyncIgnore a rule that excludes contents basing on their creation or modification date? I've a server (RasPi) with a folder containing a big number of files, I want to set up a bidirectional sync of this folder with one device (a MacBook Pro), and also a simple unidirectional push to another device (an iPad). On this latest device I want to have only the files created or changed in the last X days, so that if I delete from the iPad one of this files on the X+1 day I want to keep it on the server and don't want btsync to recreate it on the iPad.