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Found 2 results

  1. I forgot to exit Resilio Sync today before importing a bunch of videos into Final Cut Pro, and like always, it corrupts the project after the video import. If I manually pause the library it still happens - the only solution is to completely exit the app. Any chance we could get a fix for this?
  2. There’s a bug in the pause feature on macOS: the indexer still fires when Sync is supposed to be paused. I use Resilio Sync to keep my Final Cut Pro project folder in sync across multiple computers, and when Sync is paused globally - and I’ve confirmed I can see the pause sign across all my libraries - I still see the indexer fire. This is a problem because when it scans the Final Cut Pro project folder during the import of media, it trashes the media import process and I end up with broken files. I took me weeks to debug this, but I can replicate it every time now. The indexer is touching the imported video files before FCP can transcode them, and it makes FCP see the files as missing. The only way I can create new Final Cut Pro projects and import media is to fully exit Resilio Sync on my Mac and, import my media, shut down FCP, start up Sync, let it sync, then start FCP. This is not ideal. :-) So please make it so that when a pause is initiated, it pauses EVERYTHING including the indexer. Thanks!