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Found 2 results

  1. I've been trying to move the main sync folder to %USERPROFILE%\sync from %USERPROFILE%\Onedrive\Documents as I was a bonehead and installed the folder to an area that limits me to 4gb of content. Windows 10.0.18363 I admit, I allowed OneDrive to do it's thing with my laptop, and got a bit peeved when I found out that everything is now by default stored in the limited 5gb free account. When I try to do a cut and paste I get "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program". using an elevated command prompt does not work disconnecting folder in resilio sync and pausing sync in OneDrive does not work I checked the Services App but Resilio Sync nor btsync was listed as running? The FAQ for moving the folder is incredibly weak. More of a cheering section than actual instructions. "Yes you can! Ask us how!" I considered removing the file folder locally but Resilio Sync warned me that it would reach out to my server, the Raspberry Pi and delete it there as well as all the connected devices. ???
  2. To try and fully explain the topic title... When considering the following folder structure: Parent FolderChild Folder 1Child Folder 2...and assuming that Parent Folder is already a sync'd folder, will it ever be possible to share just, say, Child Folder 1 with someone whom I don't want to have access to Parent Folder and Child Folder 2 via a different secret? At the moment we are warned that it is part of a folder that is already synching (or we are warned that it contains a folder which is already synching if you were to attempt to share Parent Folder after Child Folder 1 was already a synch'd folder) I ask "Will it ever be possible" because it may be by design - for technical or paradigm reasons - that it will not be. Alternatively maybe it's on the roadmap for the future.