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  1. Android: Name a sync to something other than the folder name e.g. to differentiate between DCIM folders on both internal phone storage and sdcard. Im probably an idiot but only just realised that the 'rename' section on the android app actually moves the folder that's being synced.
  2. This has previously been mentioned at least here, and perhaps in other posts as well. The basic idea is to expand the current Scheduled Syncs functionality to be able to be defined on a per-Folder basis. Order of priority would be such that any Folders that don't have a Folder-specific Sync Schedule defined would then be subject to the Global Sync Schedule settings. But if a Folder has it's own Sync Schedule settings then those take precedence for that Folder. The reason that being able to define this on a per-Folder basis would be very useful is that different folders may hold different types of media (both in terms of size, but also importance). So a user might have one folder which they want to be synced quite frequently, but another folder might have data that changes often, but which is less important. And so in order to not have the less important folder dominate the pipeline the user could define schedules such that the less important folder is syncing less often. Personally, I'd love to see some version of what Crashplan has where one can both set schedules and define priorities (ie, one folder is a higher priority than another). But I realize that is getting significantly more complex. At this stage if we could next have Sync Schedules on a Per-Folder basis that would be a significant step. And then perhaps after that is added there could be added the option to define a "Sync Order" for all Folders. This would only apply when multiple folders are trying to sync at the same time, and it would indicate the order (and proportion of available bandwidth) that the competing folders should be synced in (ie, higher priority folders get more bandwidth than lower priority folders). Thanks for considering these requests!
  3. It looks like a strange discrepancy to me that files that were renamed are renamed on the peer(s) as well, but not folders. Wouldn't it make sense to unify the behavior? If there is any reason why this doesn't make sense, please let me know. I'm just getting started with Sync, am not familiar with this matter yet. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is there a way to synchronize (up & down) a folder on a shared web host server ? I can't install any exe on server side . I would like users with an identified resilio sync key , share a web public site on their own computer with resilio sync home, then they don't have to use FTP to upload or download documents, plus they can get files uploaded from the server side. I found a freeware to sync a local folder with the website with FTP.... but it's a bit tricky. Any idea ? w°w
  5. I'm trying to sync between two ubuntu computers. Sometimes I drop a directory into the sync folder, and it shows up on the other computer (yay!), but I can't write to it b/c the normal user isn't in the file access control list. The only user with file access control is the rslsync user under which Relisio is running. So I have to run setfacl every time a new directory is copied over. This can't be an unusual problem. Can anyone suggest a work-around?
  6. As the title says, I'd really like to see support on OS X for using a Smart Folder as a read-only shared folder in BT Sync, as it would give a huge amount of control over the content that is shared. For those that haven't used them before, Smart Folders are basically just a search in the Finder that is saved as a persistent folder that can be revisited to see results matching that search. For example, I could create a Smart Folder showing all movie files of a certain type, tagged in a certain way, or added since a particular date etc. Working with Smart Folders is fairly simple, as they're actually just XML files (you can open them in TextEdit), and you will see inside there is a RawQuery and SearchScopes (folders to search within) that can be used to perform the same search in Spotlight using its API (or mdfind), either way allowing you to easily grab the contents matching the query so that they can be checked for changes. In fact, both the API and mdfind allow the results of a search to be monitored for changes. This would give an incredible amount of control over what BT Sync shares, without requiring us to first move or copy files into a shared folder (or use hard-links, which are all kinds of tricky to get right). The only caveat is that it should probably be be read-only, as reconciling differences would be a massive pain (and probably destructive). On the receiving side the "contents" of the smart folder would be just like any other regular folder of files, regardless of where the files are being pulled from on the sending side. I expect that there are similar features on other operating systems by now, so support them would be great too, but I'm only familiar with Smart Folders on OS X.
  7. When I remove folder from Mac's Resilio list, folder is not removed on my NAS (it's still on Resilio's NAS list and also physically on NAS too). Even the folder was removed from syncing (resilio's list) a ".sync" folder is still inside. Is that expected behaviour? Should I remove them manually? Thank you for help. OS X 10.12.2 Resilio 2.4.4 (migration from ? 2.3.7)
  8. Hi, Since updating from BTSync to Resilio sync i've noticed a problem with the folder structure of my iPhone backup folder. With BTSync all files would back up in one folder, with Resilio sync they back up successfully but are in separate folder, 101Apple, 102Apple, 103Apple etc? See pic attached. I've tried deleting and re-adding the backup folder, is there something i'm doing wrong?
  9. Hello everyone, I have a few questions concerning folder structure and nested folder. I was wondering if this folder structure is possible ? Folder C is a subfolder of Folder B which is a subfolder of Folder A Peer A - File server - always on Folder A (Advanced folder Owner, shared R/W with peer B) |-> Folder B (not explicitly shared through Sync but can be accessed by peer B) |-> Folder C (Advanced folder Owner, shared RO with peer C) Peer B - windows client Folder A (advanced folder shared from peer A, R/W access selective sync enabled on this device) Peer C - Android phone Folder C (advanced folder shared from peer A, RO access selective sync enabled on this device) I am asking you this because, I recently read that nested folder share is not possible with selective sync and RO access?
  10. Scenario: I have a sync folder that I share with a friend. We both upload files there so we can both see and talk about them. Problem: One might not need a file anymore and delete it, even though the other still wants to keep it. Solution: It would be great to have a new folder type (or special access rights) called "Collection". This folder would work as follows: Files uploaded there are visible to every identity the folder is shared with. Each identity can delete any file, but a file is only deleted once every identity has deleted it. This is similar to Selective Sync, but just doesn't have the option of "Delete on all hosts".
  11. Hi everybody, On a Qnap Nas, I just wonder how you can set up BTsync on the folder "/share" (the root one)? During the set up process, BTsync doesn't allow me to do this... See screenshot here : I think it's all about permissions right, even if I'm logged in as "admin" (=root account on Qnap Nas). For the moment BTsync just allow me to choose a subfolder but we already have folders (for example : ADMIN, ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES, WORK) inside the "/share". These folders have been previously synced with RTRR protocol (approx. 3TB of datas). Now we want to manage the syncing process with BTSync... because RTRR is way to slow... If you have any idea, it would be great! Thanks in advance. Regards. John
  12. Forgive me if this is mentioned elsewhere, but I was wondering if the current version of Resilio (2.4.1) will allow me to sync folders within sync'd folders. Example: Sync Folder A: C:\share\ Sync Folder B: C:\share\FolderB\ Will this create some loop or something that will bring down the universe? (reason I'm asking about this is because I don't want to use Selective Sync because I don't want my user to "see" my whole Folder A, but just our shared stuff in Folder B)
  13. To match the capability of the computer app, It would be extraordinarily beneficial to be able to selectively sync a single sub-folder inside of a shared folder, and have all of its contents automatically synced. I believe this is most essential on mobile where I would need to access a few photos quickly, without waiting for every item to download, yet conserving storage space as much as possible.
  14. Hi.. I use Sync on my Android Samsung Galaxy S4, my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & a Galaxy Tab S to backup photos, and also to sync a file of music between devices, and selective sync some photos and documents (I have a pro license) - I also use Sync on a 2 desktop computers and three laptops (all Windows 10). All devices are kept up to date. A few days ago the Android devices stopped backing up, and although sync is still running all the folders are listed as disconnected and the camera backup isn't present. If I restart the camera backup it creates a new file and starts from scratch (which is a large upload!!), and if I try and link any of the folders again - same issue - it creates a new folder even though the original is still present on the SD card. Any thoughts would be appreciated as to what has happened and how I can prevent it.. otherwise I am going to be spending a lot of time re-syncing and have DCIM (9999) in no time!!
  15. Hi, I just was curious about the function of folders when they are copied. When I copy a folder from one hard drive (#1) that has a folder already being synced to another computer's (#2), when viewed on the new hard drive which I copied it onto (#3) it has the Sync label in the Mac finder view. Does this mean that the new copied folder onto the 3rd external drive will also be synced? It is under a different name and is not listed under the folders when opened in Sync, it is just the view in the finder that leads me to believe that. The drive #3 is a backup of sorts, if that makes a difference. Cheers and thanks! Included an image of the folder in finder as well.
  16. I have a folder in a Mac desktop synced to a Windows Phone 10. The folder name in the Mac is “Books”, the name in WP10 at first was also “Books”. At some point I removed this folder in WP10 and started over (just to learn how it all works). Now that same folder shows up as “Books (2)” in WP10. Back and forth (both with settings and help center) I can not find how to rename this folder back to “Books”, as it is in the desktop. I would appreciate any help, thank you.
  17. Hi, I currently have 2 NAS with 10 folders and synchronized with BtSync (about 4TB of data). All folders are in advanced mode, I have a personal Pro license. I would buy a server at other provider, taking advantage of the new encryption feature. But I just found out, I believe, that I can not use my current advanced folders. Right? In the future, expect to also turn pro folders for encryption mechanism? Thanks Andrea
  18. We sync the 15GB folder, It has 700files in the folder tree, when we create files ,It can do well. But when we modify files ,It can't sync.If we sync 10 files ,this files is also under 1MB, It can also do well,whatever we create and modify files.Anyone can help us?
  19. I like the idea of selective sync in the Pro Version. However, I need the Capabilities of the Pro Version to Stay with the Folder, not the Devices. The reason is I only have one folder that requires selective sync and I not want to pay for subscriptions on all devices. Can this be an option in the next release?
  20. When I have an Android TV (yes, I know not supported but still fully running) I found out that I can backup a folder on an external usbdisk connected to my Android TV, but I cannot add a normal folder from that same external usbdisk. Why is that different? It sounds to me that the file permissions are not the problem, right? I want to have the option to create a folder (from a read/write-key) in that external usbdisk (/storage/usbdisk/media for example). Why? Simple, because I can have my NAS or pc as a source and sync it always with my Android TV without any interaction by me. Due to limitations of Android 5.x or app-limitations (?) I cannot automatically move files from /sdcard (main volume) to /storage/usbdisk while I can backup /storage/usbdisk/media in Bittorrent Sync which implies that it should be possible to do, right? Hope anyone has tips or solutions...and maybe news of upcoming version (that can be sideloaded on Android TV ). Thnx!
  21. When browsing folders if you move inside one, there's no way to go back to previous folder.
  22. When browsing files with long names, frequently they look the same when multiple files/folders exist with common beginning string, making difficult to select proper one. Not working on Android 4.1.2
  23. Not sure if this is a Bitsync 2.2 issue or something I'm doing incorrectly. However, I recently up upgraded to Bitsync 2.2 and purchased a Personal Pro license. For my scenario, I have one main folder that has a number of individual sub-folders. I don't want to sync all the folders under the main folder, only a select number of folders. Prior to the upgrade, I had 5 of the folders syncing between two other devices without issue as I was limited to 10 folder syncs. Now that I can have over 10 folders syncing, I'm attempting to add more of these sub folders but each time I attempt to add one of the other folders to sync I get the following message: "This Folder cannot be added to sync. It contains a folder that is already syncing." How come the latest Bitsync version doesn't appear to allow me to do this? Here is a visual representation of what I'm attempting to do: Main Folder ---- Sub-Folder 1 ---- Sub-Folder 2 ---- Sub-Folder 3 ---- Sub-Folder 4 Sub-Folder 1 & 4 are already syncing using Bitsync. I want to add Sub-Folder 2 as a new folder to Sync, however, I don't want to sync Sub-Folder 3. Attempting to add Sub-Folder 2 as a new sync I get the error message stated above. Thanks in advance for your assistance/suggestions. I attempted to search for a solution without any luck.
  24. I set up Sync on computers in 3 different locations and synced about a terabyte of files over the course of this week. It's been so refreshing to see all my stuff in one place no matter what machine I happen to be at. Then I did something that seems obviously stupid in retrospect. I felt that things were getting a little cluttered, and decided I'd do a bit of organizing. So, I did what I normally do; Create a folder and move a bunch of stuff into it. Thankfully, I can still find things in the archives on my other machines, but with all those duplicated files one of them ran out of free space and won't sync until I delete the archives. What a mess. Don't do what I did.
  25. Hello, I want to know is there a way to map the folder with different folder name on each device, for example Sync Device A->C:\Hello ---> Device B->C:\Hey It seems that the system will force to make the folder name to be the same, and if I am setting up the sync, it will be like Device A->C:\Hello ---> Device B->C:\Hey\Hello\ How can I avoid that? Thanks! Oh, I found out that actually I can do it. BTSync just automatically add the folder name for me when I linked up the sync, and as long as I deleted that, thing works fine now.