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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Sync-ers, In my computer setup, I have integrated a disaster recovery system by cloning (or "ghosting") entire physical drives in the case of hardware failure. I have BTsync running between my desktop and laptop, cloning one of the physical drives in question. My query is in regard to BTsync's behavior when swapping out a drive or "rolling back" the data on a partition on one machine. What happens to the data on the other after re-syncronization? For example: Let's say I have My Data Drive on My Desktop PC which contains Folder A. I clone Data Drive to My Laptop PC. It now contains Folder A as well. I set up a synced folder betweent he two machines via BTsync: as I work on Data Drive on My Desktop, it syncs Folder A to the Laptop and vice-versa. During the next months, I create Folder B on My Desktop PC. Of course, it gets synced to the Laptop. Both PCs now contain Fodler A and Folder B. That night (horror!) the Data Drive on my Desktop fails. I need ZERO DOWNTIME so I swap out the physical drive on My Desktop PC for my clone drive I made months ago. This drive does not contain Folder B. The computer boots, and I am ready to go: BTsync starts up - what happens? a) does Folder B get deleted from Laptop or Does Folder B get copied from Laptop to Desktop PC Any clarification as to this process will help my sleep patterns greatly. Thanks, MR